Monday, June 29, 2015

The Supreme Court's Overlooked Decision

     Lost in the ruckus over the Supreme Court's two major decisions last week, first on continuing ObamaCare subsidies for those who reside in states that did not setup state exchanges, and then changing the millennia-old definition of marriage, a smaller but still relevant decision has been overlooked. The case to which I allude is The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v The Inclusive Communities Project. This case was a blip in some of the Right-Wing media, and you may have heard something about it.
     The case stems from tax credits given to developers by the federal government for building low income housing. In Texas these credits are distributed by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs. The suit brought against the department by the non-profit, Inclusive Communities Project, alleged that a disproportionate number of the tax credits in question were being given to developers to build low income housing in predominantly black neighborhoods. This, according to the "non-profit," is a form of racism called disparate impact. 
     Disparate impact, according to Justice Kennedy who wrote the majority opinion in this case, is a form of unconscious prejudice because low-income people (read:minorities) are being kept out of certain neighborhoods by the practice of issuing credits for low income housing only in poor neighborhoods. This of course, in the new twisted world of the Lefts social justice Utopia, is unacceptable. Why should some Americans have access to better neighborhoods simply based on the status of wealth?
     This decision by the Supreme Court is another step in the Lefts equality staircase onto which they intend to herd all Americans as a means of transporting them into the cellar of despair and poverty that these kinds of policies produce. Individual Liberty is an enemy to the Left because in their opinion it produces unfair outcomes. Why should some live in better neighborhoods than others, or have more material wealth than others, simply because, in the Lefts opinion, some have won the great lottery of life based on where and to whom they were born?
    As a result of this decision by an activist and out-of-control Supreme Court, those who have worked and made good decisions in their lives will be forced to live next door to those who have not. And of course if they move because the value of their property has plummeted and the crime rate has sky rocketed, they will be labeled as racists and bigots. This is the new America of the Left, where the citizenry is equally poor and miserable and ruled by an elite class who spend their days manufacturing rights for disparate groups of "victims" and extracting retribution from hard working Americans, of which the ruling class takes their cut by creating ever bigger government programs.

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