Friday, June 19, 2015

The Justice Department Responds To Church Shooter Vileness With Their Own

     The vileness which was the act committed by Dylann Roof in Charelston, South Carolina on Tuesday night was only the beginning. The nine church goers he massacred in the historic house of worship, the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, were victims of a demented and evil mind. Period. His actions were not the result of racism, drug abuse, or the easy access to the gun he used to commit his vile act.
     The response by the Justice Department on the other hand is an act, while not as deadly an act as Mr. Roof's, is in its own way just as vile. The act of which I am speaking is Attorney General Loretta Lynch's announcement that her agency would investigate Dylann Roof's act as a "hate crime." Beyond the ridiculousness of this assertion, obviously this was not an act of love, no murder generally is, is the constitutionally antithetical nature of the whole notion of "hate crimes."
      The message of "hate crimes" is that the same criminal act has varying degrees of seriousness depending on the race of victim. And actually it is not even about the race (or sometimes sexual orientation) of the victim, but the exclusivity of those victim groups under the law. In other words, when was the last time a black person was prosecuted under "hate crimes" laws for killing a white person, or a gay person for killing a heterosexual? I will tell you when, never!
     The fact of the matter is that "hate crimes" laws violate the intent of the original constitution as well as equal protection under the law provided by the 14th Amendment. But that is par for the constitutionally twisted course of the Left, laws apply differently to members of victim groups simply for being members of those groups. What "hate crimes" laws say is that the lives of certain individuals are more important, and thereby worthy of greater punishment for being taken, than other lives.
     My shock of "hate crimes" laws even existing in the United States of America is exceeded only by my dismay with some on Right-Wing talk radio who seem to have no problem with them. In the last couple of days since Dylann Roof sprayed his hatred into the bodies of his nine innocent victims, I have heard some on talk radio who claim to be conservative, suggest that the Justice Department opening a "hate crimes" investigation as completely legitimate. This is the slow creep of the corruption of the Left. Their disgusting policies like "hate crimes" laws become more and more accepted over time, even by so-called conservatives.

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  1. I agree with you this about the evil killing CHRISTIANS.