Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Weakest Link Society Of The Left

     There is an old saying that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so it is with societies when they are directed by big government. When one examines the policies proffered and sometimes imposed by the Democrat Party at the behest of their Leftist values, they are almost always based in not only keeping the weak links of society weak, but causing the strong links to also become weak. In this way the Left creates by force their Utopia of equality.
     The recent Supreme Court decisions have been based on the weakest link theory. Whether it was its ruling on ObamaCare that seeks to limit Americans' ability to afford health care insurance without government support, or the Court's gay marriage ruling which forces the inferior status of same sex unions on the millennia-old cornerstone of civilization of marriage, the goal is to appeal to the weakest link. The weakest link methodology is the driving force behind affirmative action, allowing meritocracy to take a back seat to certain physical attributes that are deemed by the government to be more important.
     There is no greater opprobrium to the founding values of this great nation than the Lefts insistence that more and bigger government is necessary to create a "fair" society, whatever that means. And in selecting the very arbiter of unfairness, i.e. the imposition of an oppressive government, the Left has guaranteed the weakness of the entire chain of society, instead of the strengthening of just its weakest links. In this way they ensure the continuation and strength of government at the expense of the citizen.
     An outgrowth of the weakest link model is the phase of operations we are currently experiencing, the desire by a greater percentage of the population to be a weak link. Like lambs being lead to the slaughter, too many of our countrymen have accepted the myth that no success, or even existence, is possible without government. So the rush to apply oneself to one of the "victim groups" has been growing and expanding from the lower classes into the middle class. Gone are the days when the strongest links are held up as exemplary, now the weakest links are endowed by those in the ruling class with a twisted version of reverence for their weak link status.
     The propagation of the weak link society by the Left has been accomplished with the dumbing down of Americans by an education system run by the Left, an entertainment industry infested with intellectually void products, and a news and media business that suffers from the cancerous growth of value-less and intellectually dishonest information. We can not easily survive as a society when the least of us are honored and the best of us are vilified simply for being the best.  

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