Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I Don't Want A Pickle, I Just Want To Write My Encyclical

     Pope Francis has created quite a stir recently with his encyclicals, first with last year's that blamed capitalism for all the ills in the world, and now with his most recent one in which he promulgates the hoax of man-made global warming. Pope Francis' encyclical is evidentiary of his desire to build a store house of earthly treasures gained from political correctness, instead of building up spiritual treasures in heaven.
     When Jesus laid the cornerstone of His church on the shoulders of the apostle Peter, whom he called "The Rock," he transformed Peter from a valuable disciple into the first in a long line of successors to Christ here on earth. Jesus did not charge Peter with saving the planet, but with saving the souls who resided on the planet. He, and all who came after him, were to keep the fires of Christ's message, the new covenant between God and His people, burning brightly.
     Many Pope's of the past have failed in the simple but not easy task given to them by Jesus 2000 years ago. Their failures have always been rooted in their earthly desires to win treasures on earth, whether those treasures were comprised of gold or the approval of their fellow man. Pope Francis seems to be following in the footsteps of some of his predecessors who allowed the politics of man to subjugate the word of God.
     Francis appears to have picked up the mantra proffered by many on the Left for years that the Church must "change with the times." But God's laws are eternal, which means they are based in the logic of universal law and the immutable nature of God himself. There is no "changing" the laws of gravity, or the laws of morality which rule the moral and immoral the same. But Pope Francis seems to think he can pick and choose the attributes of his mission set down those many centuries ago by Jesus Christ himself.
     I was born and raised Catholic and attended 12 years of Catholic school. I have been horrified with the ease with which many Catholics have accepted abortion by voting for leaders who not only allow it, but wish to extend and expand it. My sense of moral outrage has been stoked by members of the clergy leading their flocks away from the one true God of the bible towards the false god of radical environmentalism. And my spiritual sensibilities have been tested by a Pope who so flagrantly and blatantly has replaced his mission of spreading God's word and providing spiritual leadership to his flock by encouraging individual growth, with being a bullhorn for big government around the world.

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