Thursday, December 10, 2015

New Poll Dispels the Trumpkins' Fantasy

     A new Gallup poll has been released which shows the favorability ratings of all the presidential candidates, Democrat and Republican. The general public has a favorable view of a candidate that has a positive rating, i.e. a higher percentage of the general electorate has favorable feelings about the candidate than do have negative feelings about the same candidate. As Gomer Pyle would say, "Surprise! Surprise!" Donald J. Trump has the lowest favorability rating of all the candidates by far. Coming in at a whopping negative 27%. His closest rival is Hillary Clinton at 14%.
     This, in addition to his vacuous policy positions and unlikable persona, is the main reason I have said from the beginning that Republicans would be foolish to nominate this Titanic candidate, which would result in an inevitable sinking of GOP hopes to control the White House after next November's general election. No candidate can win the White House when they are so disliked by so many across the large swathe of Americans who will go to the polls and cast their votes.
        Some Trump supporters who would speak quickly to dispel this latest poll by Gallup (which supports many other polls on the subject from the beginning of this campaign) are also just as quick to proffer polls that show Mr. Trump far ahead of his opponents in this race. What the Trumpkins refuse to admit, even to themselves, is that while The Donald enjoys rabid support among about a third of Republican primary voters, the other two thirds are virulently against the real estate billionaire. Not to mention that his rabid votaries only comprise about 10-12% of the general electorate.
    In every polling and survey that has been completed in the last 25 years the electorate is one third Democrat, one third Republican, and one third independent. Which means that Mr. Trump's support among Republican primary voters is one third of one third, or about 10-12%. Further complicating Mr. Trump's chances for winning the White House is that the opposition to his candidacy is almost as rabid as the support for it. I am not sure how the Trumpkins figure the electoral math that results in the election of their candidate when his appeal is restricted to a very narrow segment of the voting public.
     But yet the overly emotional and irrational Trump devotees continue to manufacture a fantasy land where a candidate that is looked upon so dis-favorably by such a large percentage of the population can somehow get those individuals to hand him the keys to the most powerful office in the country, if not the world. But then there are those who believe we never landed a man on the moon, that Elvis can be seen daily eating a Burger King, that the CIA assassinated JFK, the terrorist attacks of 911 were an inside job, and aliens from another planet have landed and are controlling world events.

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