Monday, December 7, 2015

The Mis-Directed Efforts of Republicans

    Some have called me a Rino, traitor, Libtard, and worse, all for being a voice of reason. It is okay though, when one places their thoughts via the written word into the public arena, one must expect to be pilloried by ignorance. As for reason, it is something sorely missing from much of modernity's public debate. One can argue, and rightly so, that reason has been missing from the maniacal mantra of the Left for some decades now. But making an enemy of reason seems to have become an instrument of an increasing amount of debate from the Right. This, to my chagrin, seems an unstoppable force among the more fanatical.
     To say that fanaticism feeds irrationality to ends that always result in more fanaticism, is a given. To Witt: the response of some Republicans and conservatives that seems to be a bathing in "solutions" that make them feel good without really actually having a chance of doing good. The latest of these vapid solutions is the legislation being proffered in congress to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.
     Do not mistake my position, as I am sure some of you will do purposely as to feed your target of derision, I am four square against the Muslim Brotherhood and acknowledge that they are a terrorist-sympathizing organization. However, any legislation that aims to officially label them as such by an American government controlled by Barack Obama and his Leftist brethren in the Democrat Party, is at best self-congratulatory and at its worst political masturbation. I am a realist and am more interested in solutions, not "taking stands" that simply make me feel more superior to my political opponents.
     The fact that President Obama will immediately veto any attempt to label the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, and further that Republicans do not have the votes to override such a veto, makes it a ridiculous waste of time. I know, I know, the theory is to pass it and make the president take a stand against it and show the dichotomy between what they believe and what we believe. This is the worst possible motive for passing legislation through the U.S. congress, especially with this president who will not suffer one scintilla of political harm by vetoing this or any other legislation that comes from the Republican majority in congress.
      Instead, the Republican Party should work hard to maintain control of the House and Senate after next year's election and take control of the White House. Then real change can be affected. They can also work to strengthen, as much as is possible through their constitutional authorities, the ability for the military and intelligence communities to fight radical Islamist terrorists. Passing useless legislation that is bound for the veto trash heap is not productive in any way to making this nation more secure against the threat of terrorism.

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