Monday, December 21, 2015

The Rarified Air of Principles

     It took just about six weeks for the long knives wielded by the delusional absolutists in the conservative movement to slice to ribbons the new Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. The source of their manufactured angst is the recently passed Omnibus spending bill, which for everyone's information was already in progress when Mr. Ryan became Speaker. But forget that, and the fact that these delusional absolutist "conservatives" have completely ignored the concessions the new Speaker extracted in the compromise. These transmogrified conservatives breathe the rarified air of their own regurgitated principles as they stand on the summit of their values which precludes them from engaging in the hard work of participating in the battle in the valley of reality below them.
     The omnibus bill just passed is not a great bill, but neither is it the proclamation of treason that many so-called conservatives have characterized it as being. The kind of spending bill these delusional absolutists want is one which does not exist outside the land of Oz. With a radical Leftist in the White House, and nowhere near a veto-proof majority in the Senate for Republicans, I am not sure what these deluded folks expect.
     Speaker Ryan was able to secure more military spending, a reduction on the burdens placed on business over the last 7 1/2 years, and a revocation of the president's very harmful ban on foreign oil sales. This last item was the century's pariah to free society in the opinion of the same conservatives who now do not dare applaud its passing. It is odd how their values are based on what political agenda they are pushing. When the president instituted his ban, these phony conservatives saw it as a political crowbar to use against him to illustrate how he was ruining the country. Now that Speaker Ryan has had the ban lifted, these same people ignore it because they are so filled with hate for anyone they label as "establishment."
     Is Paul Ryan going to be a good Speaker of the House? I do not know. But neither do I think anyone can judge that from only six weeks in office and the completion of his first legislative duty presented to him already in progress. The point is that if and when the Republicans win the White House, and if they retain control of the Senate and House, and a spending bill like this one is passed, then I will concede that the Speaker has not done a good job.
     I am chagrined that so many on my side have lost their reason and think somehow that it is possible for Republicans to just ram through the bills they want without regard to the Democrats in congress or the president who has veto authority. It borders on hypocrisy for some conservatives to bemoan the Left having their way with public policy through the courts because they can not do so legislatively, and then demonize congressional Republicans for not taking liberties with the constitution to implement what they want.  


  1. It is not what Ryan was able to do it is about what he didn't do. If it is a good deal that Boehner did most of the negotiation where he gave away the family estate to get a bill, then I don't think it was good. Funding for Planned Parenthood, Funding for Obama care. a budget of one and a half trillion dollars , then I call this bill insane.Promises were made when this congress was elected and those promises were passed over. We have to get back to a Constitutional congress that uses the responsibilities given to them by the Founders. It is irresponsible to continue to up the anti by increasing the debt.
    so sad. too bad.

    1. There is no way for Republicans to constitutionally to defund Obamacare or Planned Parenrhood. Additionally with the latter we are winning the abortion debate and a defunding battle that we will ultimately lose will only distract from our winning this argument. It is shy National Right to Life was opposed to defunding until Reoublicans can control the White House as well as the congress.

    2. They told us to wait until we had the house, then it was the senate and now it is the Presidency. I don't have that long to wait to see our Representatives and Senators get enough energy to do what is right.