Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Rino is Language of the Left

     There is a scientific principle that states that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. This theory also applies to our politics of late. As a result of the violent lurch to the Left that the current administration specifically, and the Democrat Party in general, has taken in recent years, there has been an equal and opposite violent lurch by some on the Right. And while their respective goals may be dissimilar, the methods they use to achieve them remain siblings of each other.
     I have written prior on this blog about my dismay over the conservative movement being hi-jacked by those who have a desire to hold Democrats to the letter of the U.S. constitution, yet criticize congressional Republicans for not twisting and wrestling authority for themselves from that document in order to push back against the Leftist agenda being implemented by President Obama, et al. As a conservative I believe the law, and in this case the constitution, applies equally to all who live under its authority. Some of my more radical brethren feel that in order to save the constitution we must first abandon constitutional principles.
     Many so-called conservatives have wrapped themselves in the constitution while at the same time choosing to expect those on their side to live by a different set of standards simply because the other side has taken liberties with that most precious of documents. The most disturbing aspect of these so-called conservatives is that they have adopted the tactics of the Left in marginalizing and demonizing, not their political opposition, but those on their own side. Democrats and other Leftists could not have better friends than some in talk radio and elsewhere in Right-Wing media.
     The favorite derision proffered against not sufficiently "conservative" enough Republicans is the term Rino (Republican in name only). But those who use this term have adopted the language of the Left, Rino being a term first implemented by Democrats against Republicans they considered too conservative. It was a quarter century ago when the derogatory term Rino first entered the American political lexicon, placed there by Democrats who were trying to alienate the conservative wing of the Republican Party from their more moderate brethren.
     It is disheartening to see some in the conservative movement fall victim to the Lefts modus operandi of "feeling good" instead of "doing good." This sickness of the Left that has infected some on the Right has spawned support for candidates like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, who are all about making their devotees feel good by saying the right things, instead of actually presenting a way forward for doing good for this great nation. It is odd that the term used so many years ago by Democrats to describe too conservative Republicans, has been adopted by those who claim to be conservative against those they claim not to be conservative enough.

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