Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Trump's Clinton Comments: The Canary In the Coal Mine

     I have gotten to the point recently where the chewed up red meat that dibbles from the mouth of Donald Trump goes in one ear and out the other. But his recent comments about Bill Clinton's infidelity as a reason to keep Hillary out of the White House is exemplary of what is wrong with some of my brethren on the Right. It is a meaningless statement, and a non-starter as a political strategy for winning the White House next November.
     Primarily I could care less about Bill Clinton's infidelity to his wife, that is between him and her, and has no place in the political debate to choose our next president. I fail to see how the former president's sexual peccadillos has any bearing on whether the voters should consider his wife for president. There are many more substantive reasons not to consider Hillary Clinton for the highest office of the land. For Mr. Trump, or anyone else for that matter, to take the focus off the real issues and place it on the salacious but politically irrelevant, is a losing strategy.
     Germane to my argument is the fact that Bill Clinton is not running for the office of President of the United States. So any criticism of him is misplaced and gratuitous to any meaningful debate about the upcoming election. Especially when that discussion is framed by the inarticulate ranting's of a silver-spoon-in-the-mouth billionaire who wants to bully his way to the presidency. Those who follow this buffoonery of attacking a former president as a means to argue against the election of his wife, are traveling a path only inhabited by fools and charlatans.
    Additionally, Bill Clinton, like it or not, is still very much liked by a large swath of the American public. A large enough swath that anyone hoping to win the presidency would be wise to steer clear of harsh criticism of the former Commander in Chief. But then Donald Trump's entire campaign has been based on avoiding the real issues as he weaves his political theater into the likeness of a mindless reality TV show. This may quicken the pulse and glaze the eyes of his emotionally charged devotees, but this slim minority of the voting public is not enough to deliver him the presidency.
     The recent comments by Mr. Trump, and the Pavlovian response to it by his votaries, is the canary in the coal mine of a Republican loss in 2016. If more people on our side do not wise up and end their destructive love affair with Mr. Trump, and choose a more substantive candidate to support, we are sure to wake up the morning after with Hillary in the White House.

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