Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chris Rock Insults The Founders

     This week comedian and woefully uninformed political commentator, Chris Rock, stated that Barack Obama is like the father of the country. This statement is at the same time frightening in its ignorance of our founding principles and illustrative of the twisted and demented view that the Left has of government as a benevolent parent as opposed to a servant of the people. But Mr. Rock can rest easy in the knowledge that his status of a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance is shared with the 51% of voters who returned Father Obama to the Oval Office for another four years.
     A secondary data point that reveals itself in Chris Rock's statement is his appalling lack of knowledge, not only about the history of his own country, but that of every other one throughout time that has had a tyrant's boot print stamped upon its collective conscious. Even a casual observer of history would recognize that the only governments that portend a parental posture towards those they govern are tyrannical in nature. Or perhaps Mr. Rock went to a school that didn't teach the horrors of Stalin, Mao, Castro or Hitler. Perhaps in Chris Rock's school these oppressors were seen as liberators and, dare I say it, father figures.
     Chris Rock's view of government, and that of others on the Left, runs against the grain of the republican system of government for which the founders of this great nation fought a bloody revolution. They would be appalled at the president, or any other public servant, being referred to as a father. The father and mother of a family are benevolent dictators whose decisions are not decided on by democratic process. There is no consideration in a well-functioning family for the peoples(children's) voice to be heard in the questioning of the choices made by the father and mother. Chris Rock thinks that as the father of the country, Barack Obama should not be questioned. But I wonder if he felt the same way about George W. Bush when he was president.
     What those on the Left like the uninformed Mr. Rock do not understand is that any latitude with regards to power that they wish to bestow upon Barack Obama, must also be transferred to the next president when Mr. Obama leaves office in January of 2017. And that president may not agree with Chris Rock on a whole host of issues. This is the reason that the founders very wisely limited the power of the federal government specifically and divided that limited power among the three branches of government. It was an attempt to avoid one person from becoming a "father."
     Sadly, Chris Rock and many others on the Left don't understand that individual liberty depends on the people having a government that serves them by protecting their freedoms, not by parenting them. Many people in this country have bought into the gilded cage ideology of Chris Rock and others, whereby the government gives them everything they want, but at the same time takes away everything they have or could hope to have.

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