Friday, February 8, 2013

Republicant Governors Capitulate On ObamaCare

     The only hope that many Conservatives had for slowing down and eventually putting into remission the cancer that is ObamaCare, has recently been dashed. The spread of the pathogen that is socialized medicine had a fierce opponent in the Republicant governors who were refusing to create the health care exchanges in their states, which would have required the federal government to do so and may have resulted in ObamaCare dying of its own weight.
    Republicant governors, Jan Brewer of Arizona and John Kasich of Ohio, have both capitulated to the bribe by the Obama administration for their states to participate in ObamaCare. The governors have accepted the federal government's increase in medicaid money in order to fund the expansion of that program under ObamaCare. This rope-a-dope by the Obama administration is designed to herd states into creating the government-run health care exchanges.This along with increased regulations will force private insurers out of business, leaving only the government as a single payer. What Governors Kasich and Brewer don't understand, or won't admit, is that the government subsidies will end in just a few years and it will be left to the states to pay for the boondoggle of ObamaCare.
     President Obama has already stated publicly in a speech before his union buddies in the SEIU that his ultimate goal is a single-payer system. But he admitted that a single-payer government system would have to be accomplished in steps and it would probably take 10 years to fully implement. The acquiescence of Jan Brewer and John Kasich will go a long way to speeding up the time table for that implementation.
     ObamaCare, if fully implemented, will be a disaster for the best health care system in the world. The lowest premium per individual under the government exchanges is $4000 a year, which means a typical family of four will be paying $16,000 a year for health insurance through the government system. This estimated cost for premiums was recently published by the IRS, so in all probability the cost will be much higher. Those making under 75 thousand a year will be subsidized by their fellow taxpayers, which means every one's taxes will necessarily rise and their health care will be rationed. The President alluded to rationing when asked a question by a woman at a town hall meeting on health care 3 years ago. She wanted to know if her 100 year old mother, with a great spirit and will to live, would be given a pacemaker under the President's plan. To which the President said decisions have to be made without factoring in will to live and sometimes the best thing to do is give someone a pain pill and forgo the expensive surgery. His legislation that finally became law convenes a panel which makes these decisions over life and death based on a persons remaining life span and their worthiness to the state.
     The point that governor Kasich misses with his rationalization for accepting the federal money in exchange for selling his state's soul to the ObamaCare devil, is that the Congressional Budget Office has recently stated the system will be broke by 2017. This means that when the federal funds end in a few years, any state that has fallen for this ploy will bear the full financial brunt of ObamaCare. This will necessitate the states picking up the cost for ObamaCare through higher taxes. John Kasich is not a stupid man, and he must be aware that ObamaCare, with its system of low penalties in the beginning and increased mandates on insurance companies, is designed to fail. This allows the federal government to step in and create a single-payer system, which has been the goal from the beginning.
     I respect the work that Governor Kasich did with Newt Gingrich in forcing Bill Clinton into a balanced budget in the 1990s, and he has worked his fiscal magic during his first term as Ohio governor. But if he, Jan Brewer and other Republicant governors don't wake up and smell the bitter beans of the ObamaCare coffee and reverse their support, I am afraid for the future of health care in this country. For when we as free people lose the right to make our own choices in matters as personal and intimate as our own health care, then we will cease to be free.


  1. So has Heineman in Nebraska, despite a couple of hot emails from me. Jackass.

    1. When are we going to get principled leadership in the Republicant party that will stand on the founding principles of this country?