Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Who Is Going To Control The Gun-Controllers?

      As the gun control issue continues its march towards becoming the largest non-issue ever to distract the American people from the truly important issue of fiscal collapse, I wonder if we have really become that malleable as a people. As it has been, especially for the last few years, facts and evidence don't seem to be winning the short-term battles. If they did, the gun control hysteria after the Sandy Hook massacre would not have had any legs at all in the public discourse. People would have sympathized with the victims, while at the same time acknowledging that gun violence is just not the national crisis that those on the Left would have us believe. The statistics, from any source one would care to use, show that gun violence has dramatically decreased over the last couple of decades, this has occurred while the number of guns has dramatically increased.
     The Obama administration wants to require law-abiding American citizens to register their guns, but oddly enough he did not seem concerned with obtaining the same registration from the Mexican drug cartels that his ATF gave weapons to through the Fast and Furious program. And President Obama didn't break a sweat over Muammar Gaddafi's stash of arms falling into the hands of Al Queda operatives after the U.S. Commander in Chief unilaterally removed the tyrant from power.
And I'm sure that the President is not requiring a background check and registration of the terrorist, Mohamed Morsi, before his administration hands over F-16 jets and Abrams tanks. So it would seem that President Obama sees law-abiding, Constitutional-practicing American citizens as more of a threat than the former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been the purveyor of terrorism throughout the world for many decades.
     The real problem with registration of guns is that it creates a national gun registry which makes confiscation that much more readily available to those on the Left with tyrannical inclinations. This is not paranoia, the venerable Democrat Senator Diane Fienstein has said that a national gun registry would make it easier to go door-to-door and collect weapons from the American people. Along with registration, background checks are a clear violation of the second amendment's sanction on government infringement on the people's right to keep and bear arms.
     Knowledge is power, and knowledge in the hands of a central authority is to be feared, not encouraged. The founders knew that the widest berth to liberty and freedom exists as a result of an ignorant government when it came to information about individuals. Once the government can make requirements a matter of law, what's to say those requirements won't become stricter in the future, further infringing on the people's God-given rights. The issue of gun-control to the Left is more about controlling the Constitutional rights of the people, which come from God, than it is about reducing violence or saving lives. Just ask yourself one question, "Who is going to control the gun-controllers?" 

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