Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Wages Of Complacency

     There are many problems with the unconstitutional law referred to as ObamaCare. It grants the federal government the unprecedented authority to compel citizens to purchase a product from a private-sector  business, i.e. the individual mandate. It requires states to setup health care exchanges which will further burden their stretched-to-the-limit budgets. The price tag on the program has already tripled from the amount President Obama said it would cost, according to the Congressional Budget Office, and benefit one hasn't even been doled out yet. Americans are being kicked out of their current plans and losing their doctors, something else the President promised wouldn't happen. But the most egregious feature of ObamaCare are the placeholders for tyranny that were inserted into the bill in the form of the statement, "As the Secretary shall determine." Now we know what Nancy Pelosi meant when she said that we must pass the bill before we can see what was in it. It was because the bill was partially unwritten and would be filled in later by Secretary Sebelios as directed by the President.
     To Witt: Kathleen Sebelios has just unfurled her most recent ObamaCare edict. It states that insurance companies can no longer charge twenty and thirty somethings based on their lower risk factors, but must increase their premiums to place them more in line with higher risk seniors. It also states that Americans are no longer, by law, allowed to purchase catastrophic only health care plans. So if I choose to carry a large deductible and want my insurance only to cover medical disasters, I will no longer be allowed to purchase such a plan. The fact that there are people in this country that see nothing wrong with this is the very reason that the rest of us are forced to live under this soft tyranny.
     Beyond the repugnance that these new edicts and the hundreds more yet to come engender in every supporter of liberty, the real motivation for them is even worse. It is not the lowering of health care costs that the President and his phalanx of mind-numbed robots hope to accomplish. Nor is it the expansion of availability and quality of care. President Obama knows that these things will never be the outcomes of his health care plan. Similar plans throughout the world have failed miserably. No, the President's real motivation is the motivation that drives most of his policies, i.e. wealth redistribution. Asking those, who under a just insurance system would pay less due to their lower risk factors, to pay more is a way to redistribute wealth from one group of people to another. ObamaCare will also have the added effect, through the rationing of care which is a necessary feature of any socialized medical system, of providing equally bad health care for all citizens.
     The passage of the massive, and ever-growing in leaps and bounds, ObamaCare law was completely unnecessary. It was a solution to minor problems in the health care insurance system analogous to needing an oil change in your car and instead having the engine completely rebuilt. And not only that but the guy who rebuilt it had no knowledge of engines and re-assembled it incorrectly. Now we must all take the bus to work because we've spent all our money on re-building an engine that didn't need it and the car no longer operates properly. These, my friends, are the wages of  complacency by the Right which has allowed the Leftist faith to replace the very principles upon which this great nation was founded.

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