Friday, February 1, 2013

A Secretary Clinton Post Mortem

     The Left has a predilection for rewarding people of little or no accomplishment and making heroes of the mediocre, our current President fits this mold perfectly. Hillary Clinton is another glaring example of the Left heaping praise on one of their own when they are not worthy of that praise. The Left, in the media and elsewhere, have praised the great job performance of Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of State, but conspicuously absent from their praise are any details of any accomplishments by Mrs. Clinton as head of the State Department.     
     Secretary Clinton had no Henry Kissinger accomplishment on par with manipulating the Chinese against the Soviets, which eventually helped Ronald Reagan win the Cold War. Missing from Hillary Clinton's resume as Secretary of State is a diplomatic success similar to Dr. Kissinger's Middle-East peace deal brokered between Israel and Egypt. Mrs. Clinton doesn't even have a Colin Powell at the United Nations moment that she can point to as a success.
     Secretary Clinton has been awash in failure, including but not limited to the security debacle on September 11 of last year which lead to four dead Americans in Benghazi, Libya. Mrs. Clinton's utter incompetence in allowing a consulate in a war zone to go virtually unprotected on the anniversary of 9-11, was compounded by her bald-faced lie to the American people that the attack was a protest in response to an anti-Muslim YouTube video. Secretary Clinton also provided defacto U. S. support to Syrian leader Basar Al Assad early on in his slaughter of 65,ooo of his own people, Mrs. Clinton  called the barbarian a "Reformer." And then there is her willing involvement in replacing U. S. ally Hosni Mubarak in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mohamed Morsi. Someone ought to tell this brilliant Secretary of State that the Muslim Brotherhood is an enemy of freedom and decency of which the United States use to be a defender.
     There are many other failures of Mrs. Clinton, e.g. the complete lack of any attention paid to the 4.5 million people being slaughtered in the Congo and Libyan rebels transporting Obama administration-supplied arms to Mali, West Africa in an attempt to overthrow that democratic government and establish an Al Queda base of operations. But the real failure of Secretary Clinton is her inability to achieve any level of success with regards to the prime directive of any United States Secretary of State, i. e. the increase of U. S. influence in shaping important world events. Along with President Obama, Mrs. Clinton has allowed our enemies the comfort of knowing that their acts can continue unabated and our friends have been saddled with the unease of knowing they can't depend on the United States for support against our common enemies.

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