Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Three Ds Of The Obama Presidency

     Well President Obama was off to Minneapolis to campaign for stricter gun regulations and an end to the second amendment as we know it. Every time there is an issue to be debated or dealt with, the President avoids doing any actual work and jets around the country in a continuation of his never-ending campaign. It costs the people of Great Britain 57.8 million dollars a year to provide for their Royal Family. Our Royal Family of the Obamas costs U.S. taxpayers 1.4 billion a year to provide for their lavish lifestyle of endless vacations and rides all over the world on the $180,000/hour Air Force One jetliner. But the question of the U.S. taxpayer footing a bill for the Royal Obamas that is 30 times greater than what Great Britain pays for their Royal Family, is a topic for another discussion.
      If the last four years has proven anything about President Obama and the Democrat leadership in Congress, it is that they are unable to perform the primary function of their jobs, i. e. governing. Whenever there is a serious issue before the President, he jets off around the country and makes speeches. The President is under the delusion that his words are an adequate substitute for action and well thought out solutions. The useful idiots in the Democrat party like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and others have quickly learned the Obama tactic of avoiding debate on serious issues with diversion, derision and division.
     The first tactic of diversion was used to great success in getting Barack Obama re-elected and has been used to a lesser extent during his entire political career. His campaign diverted peoples attention away from his miserable economy and disastrous foreign policy to things like Mitt Romney being responsible for the death of a steel worker's wife or Mr. Romney traveling with his dog on the roof of the car. The Obama campaign also used the non-existent issue of Governor Romney's taxes to avert attention away from high unemployment, non-existent GDP growth and four dead Americans in a Benghazi terrorist attack. The President and the Democrats are engaged in diversionary tactics with the gun control issue. The issue of gun control is taking up alot of the country's political oxygen to solve a crisis which doesn't exist, i. e. an escalation in gun violence, by diverting attention from the real crisis of the fiscal collapse of this great nation.
     The second Obama tactic of derision has been used to great effect by the entire Democrat party to push an agenda that is unpopular with a majority of the American people. They know that the best way to make an unpopular position popular is by demonizing the alternative position. People will allow themselves to be like sheep being led to the slaughter to avoid being labeled a "racist", "sexist", "homophobe", "intolerant" or any of a myriad of descriptions that Democrats have heaped upon anyone who disagrees with their unpopular initiatives.
     Of course the classic Obama tactic of division has its origins almost as far back as the dawn of modern military man. Mr. Obama, like any devoted Alinskyite, knows that the path to political power is paved, not with winning converts with reasoned arguments, but with dividing groups against each other. So the President and his party pit poor against rich, young against old, black against white, gay against straight and any group against any other group that can possibly create discordance and chaos. And in that chaos they present themselves as the only solution.
     The three Ds of the Obama presidency are tactics that may bring him temporary political power, but history judges great leaders as those who have inspired and united. President Obama has done neither of these two things and has built his career and his presidency on making people feel worse about their lives. He then presents to them someone else who is responsible for their perceived injustice that he, through government edict, will compel to provide redress to the injured party. This, I believe, is not a winning strategy for creating a better and more just society because eventually the vale of glimmer and sham is pulled back to reveal the ugliness that the three Ds has created. And in that moment of national awakening we will choose a leader of substance which is commensurate with the values of this great nation's founding.

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