Friday, February 15, 2013

The Jealous President

     Many Conservatives, and even some Liberals, have tried to get into Barack Obama's head and determine what makes him tick. Some have said he is motivated entirely by Marxist ideals and egalitarianism. Others contend that our current President's ideology has been a product of his race. And still others surmise that he is a typical modern-day Liberal with visions of a federal government that solves every problem with a new program, tax or regulation.
     I believe, after having watched Barack Obama since he burst onto the national scene when he gave the keynote address at the 2004 Democrat Convention, that his motivation and the impetus for his misguided policies are the result of his deep-seeded jealousies. Barack Obama had to spend most of his life up until he was an adult without a stable father figure. His role models were his Leftist grandfather and the self proclaimed Communist, Frank Marshall Davis. His biological father abandon Barack and his mother and his step-father, Kolo, was ripped from Barack's life when his mother felt his free market beliefs were a corrupting influence on her son.
     Being raised by a single mother, in a time when that wasn't so acceptable, made the future community agitator feel as though he was a victim. His desire to be accepted as the child from a single-parent home found a place in the Leftist ideology. His motivation to make his and others disadvantaged upbringing more acceptable, lead him to advocate for policies which would swell their ranks and make it the norm.
     Barack Obama felt that it wasn't fair that some should have two parents and some should not, so he worked to, in his mind, correct that situation. And he and the rest of the Left have been successful. Over the last 50 years, the policies of the Left that Barack Obama has gleefully embraced, have caused the out-of-wedlock birth rate in the general population to rise to 43% from only 6% in 1960. And in the black community that rise has gone from 15% to 75%.
     The explosion in the out-of-wedlock birth rate has accomplished two goals for Barack Obama. First, it has made little Barry Dunham feel as though finally his single-parent upbringing is the norm. And secondly, the rise of single-parent homes has made dependence on Barack Obama's big government essential. How many times have we heard President Obama and others in the Democrat party shamelessly use children to sell their oppressive government policy to the populace? The use of children is one of the primary ways in which the Left imposes policy that no one wants. But the children, especially those from single-parent homes, have a special significance for Barack Obama. Because with each Leftist policy that creates more fatherless children the more equal little Barry Dunham becomes in the mind of Barack Obama.
     The President's jealousies over not having his father involved in his life is the same jealousy he has for people who are successful in business. That is why he aims to obviate those jealousies through government policies which will make the wealthy less common and fatherless children more common. His desire, sown as a small child wanting what others had, is what drives his ideology and his ultimate goal of reshaping America into a country where one day the children with a father and a mother living in the same home are the anomaly. Then, finally, little Barry Dunham can smile in the knowledge that he is equal.

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