Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our Accelerated Decent Into The Abyss Of Indecency

     I was reflecting the other day on how fast our culture has plunged headlong into the indecency which defines much of the Leftist religion. This ineffable decline in our society, while not completely explainable, is definable as having affected most aspects of our national life. Values which would have been allowed in the public discourse only 25 years ago, are now taboo because they are somehow considered exclusionary or offensive.
     My journey into the realization that our culture has grown more course and intolerant as a result of the advancement of Leftism, began with an analysis of entertainment then and now. I recall not only the late Michael Landon's very successful television show, "Little House On The Prairie", but his later show, "Highway To Heaven." In both shows the values enshrined in selfless behavior were advocated, unlike the selfish behavior that is advocated by Leftism. Both shows taught the morality of doing the right thing, and in "Highway To Heaven" there was even the advancement of the idea that these values had a religious origin in God. Sadly, neither of these shows would make it in the line-up of any network or cable stations today. Modern entertainment seems to consist of honoring people who are selfish and self-absorbed and completely without any moral compass. And as our children are fed a steady diet of such examples, it is no wonder that they grow into adults riddled with an entitlement mentality and a sense of victim hood.
     A further example of our decline into indecency as a culture is in the arena of sports. Very few modern day athletes could hold a proverbial candle to those of only 25 years ago. Today's athletes are not humble in their talent and appreciative of the fans who pay their over-inflated salaries. They, like others in the culture, feel entitled to whatever they want. And even among these talented athletes of privilege, there is now a sense of victim hood. The current fervor over head injuries is a prime example of this attitude. These athletes are well paid to take the risks of which they are well aware. I feel terrible for the family of Junior Seau, who recently committed suicide. But for them to sue the NFL for his selfish act is a symptom of a greater sickness in our society than was in mind of Mr. Seau. The sickness of holding some entity with deep pockets responsible for the acts of an individual is the apex of the victim hood mentality that results in a feeling of entitlement.
     Lastly, the decline of decency in our culture has affected our politics, how could it not? This indecency is best exemplified by the Leftist tactic of compensating for their lack of ability to defend their positions with reason by smearing their opponents. We saw this tactic full throttle in this past election where a man was re-elected to a position at which he had failed miserably, simply by lying about his opponent. But then, our politics is a reflection of our culture and we can't expect politicians to exist outside the mores of modern society. The mores that have been inculcated in the American people for the last 40 years by the practitioners of Leftism, left unanswered by the forces of decency, will eventually destroy the greatest source of advancement for the human condition in history, the United States of America.


  1. Just watched the half time for the Super Bowl. My husband and I turned to each other and said we would rather watch bands play and march than the noise we heard. The same with rap music. There is no music. Just people saying things to rile up the public and the youth. Once again it comes to education. Our children are not taught to revere excellence but something that is mediocre or not worthy of their time. I wish I knew how to fix it. The education community will not for the road to enslavement is through mediocrity not excellence and for the Govt. to succeed in our enslavement it needs a poorly educated population.So sad, too bad.

    1. I know what you mean, that's why we don't even have cable or regular TV. Conservatives have been asleep most of the last 70 years and have allowed the progressives to gain control of education, entertainment and politics. We need to get it back somehow