Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Benjamin Netanyahu: The Real Deal

     If one thing dominated Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech before a joint session of congress yesterday it was his unwavering love, not only for his own country of Israel, but for the United States of America. Even prior to Rudy Giuliani's recent comments about President Obama not loving America, there have been doubts among many in this country as to whether he does or not. I do not know the answer to that question, it is not for me to judge what is in any man's heart. One thing is clear though, Benjamin Netanyahu expressed more positive emotion for America in one speech than the current president has expressed in six years.
     The prime minister did what I wish this nation's politicians could do, express the facts without personal animus. He left not one shred of negativity in the well of the House chamber for anyone except Iran. He praised President Obama, Harry Reid, Republicans, and Democrats. He did a better job of weaving together the political factions of this country into a tapestry of resolve against a common enemy than anyone has ever done.
     The stark difference of the mature and reasoned words of a true leader like Benjamin Netanyahu, and the petulant childlike response to his words by Barack Obama, reminded me of the difference between gallery art and refrigerator art. President Obama could not even be gracious in the face of an ally's concerns just because he saw those concerns as a personal attack against the will and brilliance of Barack Obama.
     The antipathy towards Prime Minister Netanyahu exhibited by President Obama over the last six years is palatable. The reason is a matter of ideology, the Leftist ideology of Barack Obama. It is an ideology that sees evil in the existence of man as he relates to his environment, but not the evil that lurks in the hearts of real enemies. It is an ideology which informs its votaries that it is incumbent upon them to hate those who confront evil men, not the evil men themselves. It is an ideology that proffers the na├»ve notion that the words of smart, educated people will somehow trump the evil intentions of radical zealots.
     Mr. Netanyahu's speech was about the danger of a nuclear Iran, and how the deal currently being negotiated will ensure that status as reality in the next ten years. Benjamin Netanyahu's vision extends not only to the next ten years, but the next several generations. He knows that the responsibility of a world leader is not only to the current political winds, but to those generations to follow whose freedom, happiness, and prosperity depend on current challenges being met by men of rectitude and strength, not simply avoided and pushed down the road by paper men lacking depth. 

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