Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Howard Schultz: Arrogant Racist

     Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, has begun a new program at his coffee shops that is the most blatant example of Leftist intellectual arrogance I have seen in a very long time. He has instructed his employees to write "Race Together" on cups of the chain's overpriced beverages in an effort to spark a "conversation" about race in America. This conversation is of course a sermon consisting of Mr. Schultz's Leftist views delivered to his customers by his mind-numbed baristas.
     The utter hubris of Mr. Schultz, and others on the Left, to think that not only is his political ideology somehow a moral imperative to be imparted on the ignorant masses in order to enlighten them, but that his employees actually believe as he does, shows an arrogance almost bordering on narcissism. The obtuse Mr. Schultz completely misses the obvious fact that to the extent that their is racial division in this country, it is the result of his own ideology that is shared by others on the Left like our current president and Attorney General.
     In his "rollout" of this new initiative CEO Schultz intimated that customers need to be inculcated with the knowledge that apparently he and the rest of the Leftist intelligentsia instinctively understand by virtue of their grand sense of fairness and obsessive devotion to equality. That knowledge is that there is racial inequality in this country, even though we have elected a black man president twice, the highest levels of the United States government are populated with blacks, and there are more blacks enjoying the middle-class lifestyle than at any time in this nations history.
     Mr. Schultz also talked about the person that may come into a Starbucks for a cup of coffee harboring subconscious racist feelings that the intrusive new policy may help to re-educate. In other words, Mr. Schultz just like the rest of the racist Left think that even if racism is unexpressed by whites, it exists nonetheless. This, in my opinion, is the worst kind of racism because it assumes certain ideas and opinions based purely on a person's skin color, i.e. white.
     Beyond the inherent racism and ideological snobbery of Starbucks' new program is the violation of personal boundaries between business and customer. I have never been what one would call a regular Starbucks customer, but now I will definitely not be even a casual one. The idea that along with an overpriced cup of coffee I must endure a lecture on race from one of Mr. Schultz's automatons, is a bridge too far and an incursion into my personal privacy. I hope Starbucks and Mr. Schultz suffer a rebuke of his ideologically driven new policy where it really maters, the bottom line. Maybe then he and other falsely perspicacious Leftist CEOs will learn to separate their politics from their business.

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