Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Is The Republican Establishment Ready To Win With Ted?

     There has been a great amount of consternation on both the Left and the Right over Senator Ted Cruz's announcement that he is throwing his hat into the 2016 presidential ring. The fearful on the Left are worried that he may get the Republican nomination and beat the Democrat nominee culled from an especially weak field. Those on the Right who are like scared little rabbits having kept the GOP from providing the muscular opposition to President Obama that Mr. Cruz has never abandoned, are fretting that their apparent lock on Republican mediocrity is about to end.
     The perennial purveyor of all things RHINO, Peter King, met the announcement by Senator Cruz with invective and bloviating that was long on ignorance and short on substance. Mr. King called Mr. Cruz a loud mouth while at the same time exemplifying and illustrating that term through his own behavior. Others were not as rude and churlish as Congressman King, but were as every bit unsuccessful at mounting an intelligent argument against the first term Senator, instead opting to allow their disagreement with his politics to serve as their only contribution to the debate.
     The most ridiculous charge against Ted Cruz is that he is "unelectable." Unelectable is a meaningless term applied to candidates by those who are their same-side opponents. It is a term that is non-quantifiable and empty. No one is unelectable until such a time that they have not been elected by the voters. There is no litmus test for determining the electability of a candidate, because the one thing that is for sure about politics is that nothing is for sure.
     Some on the Right have said that Ted Cruz has no experience, that he is a first term senator and we see how electing a first term senator worked out in relation to our current president. As if being a first term senator was Barack Obama's overwhelming character flaw that has lead him to do the things he has done, and his radical ideology played no role. These same persons have also accused Ted Cruz of having no leadership skills. I would say capturing the attention and support of the rather sizeable wing of conservatives in the Republican Party shows all the leadership skills I would want in the next president.
     Let us not forget that Jeb Bush or any of the other moderate candidates have not been able to capture the support of conservatives, and without it, Republicans will once again lose the presidency. If Mr. Cruz can articulate conservatism, as I know he can, he will also win a good chunk of the Independent votes. This election is the perfect opportunity for Republicans to put a conservative in the White House because no matter who the Democrats find under the couch cushions of their failed policies, the American people will be ready for a positive change. I just hope the Republican establishment is as well.

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