Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Sinking Ship Of Hillary Clinton

     This week's revelation that Hillary Clinton broke federal law by using a private email address during her tenure as Secretary of State, has riled up speculation as to whether this scandal will sink the SS Hillary For President. Even Democrats like former Obama administration press secretary, Robert Gibbs, have intimated that the practice of any federal employee, let alone a cabinet member, keeping a private email server in their home and using if for official correspondence, is highly unusual.
     As I have stated prior on this blog I do not think Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat nominee in 2016, whether eamailgate has legs or not. My reason is simple: she is a lousy candidate. She has never had to run for any position in government she has ever held except Senator of New York, which was a gift to her from the Democrat Party for turning a blind eye to her husband's extra-curricular activities.
     Her un-electability is the reason that Democrat Party titans jumped on the Barack Obama bandwagon in 2008. It was of course the impetus for the now famous meeting between Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton where the latter was trying to convince the former to switch his support from Barack to Hillary. Bill Clinton in frustration finally said to Senator Kennedy, "Look Ted, you and I both know that a few years ago this guy would have been bringing us our coffee."
     Hillary Clinton's current email scandal, which after all was leaked by someone in the administration to the Democrat propagandists at the New York Times, is the Democrat Party's way of saying, "Thanks, but no thanks Hillary." They have continued to realize, as Ted Kennedy, et al did in 2008 that Hillary Clinton is not the skilled, polished, and appealing politician that her husband is. She is sure to lose to whomever the Republicans proffer against her.
     The flagrant disregard for the law exhibited by Hillary Clinton in the commission of emailgate has more to do with her inherent dishonesty as a human being, as opposed to any influence of the Obama administration. After all Barack Obama was barely a teenager when Hillary Clinton was being fired from the Watergate commission for ethics violations, lying, and law breaking. She had planned from the start on engaging in activity outside the course of law and common decency, it was why her email server was installed before she was even confirmed as Secretary of State.
     Hillary Clinton will survive emailgate, there will always be enough slobbering Clinton devotees to keep her in pant suits (though apparently not enough to buy copies of her book to cover her advance). But for those Democrats who wish for a Hillary run for the president, believe me your party is better off with someone else. And for all those Republicans who would rejoice in the dashing of a Hillary presidential campaign, be careful what you wish for, she may have been the easiest win for Republicans since Walter Mondale.

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