Thursday, March 12, 2015

Secular Utopians On The Left Paved The Way For Religious Utopians In Islam

     I have finally figured out the link between Leftism and radical Islam, it is the quest for Utopia. The former's quest is secular and the latter's is religious. It is also this quest for something that can never exist here on earth that has caused more death of innocent people and more destruction of the pursuit of opportunity than any one thing in human history. Because since Utopia can never exist among the flawed human race there will always be the need in such a system for an authoritarian power to enforce it, thereby destroying the very thing they are trying to achieve.
     People have asked, especially lately, how young girls and young boys who have grown up in Western culture can give it all up to join ISIS in their effort to establish a caliphate in the Middle East. It is easy, the caliphate is seen by many devout Muslims as a religious Utopia, and given that Multiculturalism has destroyed any sense of belonging in their own cultures, these young people want to be part of the promised Utopia of the radical Islamists.
     So one of the primary sacraments of Leftism, i.e. Multiculturalism, has enabled the rise and spread of radical Islam and their desire to institute the caliphate. By preaching that a Utopia exists only by means of a strong central power, and by severing any opportunity that that strong central power can be anything but the caliphate, the Leftist religion has unwittingly married itself to the goals of radical Islam. Young people, who by their very nature hunger for decisive direction, and not finding it in their own severely diluted cultures, are attracted to the extreme tenets of radical Islam.
     The young joining ISIS, just like the rest of the Muslims that do the same, are not joining to lop off the heads of infidels or burn them alive. They look at those activities as a necessary evil to cleansing the world of non-believers and those who are weak in their faith, so that the caliphate can unite the world under the banner of Islam. Very much the way in which the Left sees their agenda as uniting the world under the banner of the Leftist Utopia to which they are committed.
     Many have seen radical Islam as evil, but this characterization oversimplifies the complex issue of not only the extremists' radical ideology in Islam, but in the ethos of Leftism as well. The rise of the religious Utopians in Islam have had the path paved by the secular Utopians of the Left. Prior to the last half century most nations on earth had a strong national culture that kept their youths from feeling disenfranchised from their own countries. Today, the trouble is not with Islam as much as it is with any alternative culture being absent without leave.

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