Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Legacy Of Harry Reid

     The announcement by Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid, came as a pleasant surprise to those on the Right, and somewhat of a disappointment to those on the Left. The Minority Leader's rather macabre video announcement aside, Republicans should not get too excited and Democrats too downtrodden over a United States Senate sans Harry Reid. The Democrat Party has no shortage of yank-nuts who will slide easily into the position of Senate jester in place of Mr. Reid. The more intellectually honest among us will of course be hard pressed to find anything praise-worthy about the long and corrupt senate career of Harry Reid.
     Senator Reid's net worth of ten million dollars, as reported in 2013, begs the question how someone who has never had a real job outside of government could amass such a fortune. In fact, Senator Reid's digs in Washington while the Senate is in session is a $30,000 per month suite at the Ritz. For anyone who learned mathematics outside the current Common Core system, it is not hard to compare the rent on Mr. Reid's luxurious Washington abode to his $200k a year salary as Minority Leader and see the inconsistency therein. How far we have come from the early days of our government when congressmen often slept several to a rented room above the taverns of Washington.
     Being able to influence legislation to increase the value of land holdings, as Harry Reid has done in the past, is only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to his corruption and vile lack of values and convictions. Republican Senator Vedder recently illuminated Senator's Reid's flaccid convictions when the former made a speech on the senate floor in favor of eliminating birth rite U.S. citizenship for children of illegal aliens, i.e. anchor babies. When he finished his speech he revealed that every word he said was a speech that Mr. Reid had given in the 1990s.
     This week during an NPR interview with Senator Reid in which President Obama called in so the two could slobber all over each other, Harry Reid actually said that history will show the Obama/Reid years to be the most productive in American History. Beyond the laughable hubris of that statement is the inescapable truth that the United States Senate under the control of Harry Reid was the least productive in history. They failed to pass a budget for 6 straight years, even though they are constitutionally required to do so. Over three hundred bills were sent over from the House of Representatives, none of which were even brought to the senate floor for debate, let alone a vote.
     Far from showing the former Senate Leader as a workhorse for the American people, history will inevitably show him as an accomplice in making possible executive authority to circumvent the authority of the people's representatives in congress. And as Harry Reid rides off into the sunset he will leave in his wake a country that is less free and more in debt. He will be remembered as a clown with big floppy shoes and baggy pants. However, this clown's shoes and pants will be stuffed with taxpayers' money gained over a lifetime of suckling at the public teat.

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