Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hillary Confirms Private Email Server Was Preemptive Coverup

     Yesterday the world heard from the horses mouth, in this case Hillary Clinton, about a brewing scandal regarding her exclusive use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State. In a nutshell Mrs. Clinton tried to convince anyone who would listen that her use of a private email server was not unique, although no one else in government has ever done it. She said the server was secure because Secret Service agents guarded it at her property, showing she does not understand how computer hacking works. And she said that the public can trust her when she said she culled through the emails on her server and turned over to the State Department any emails that were not personal in nature.
     The last point in particular is illustrative of the Clinton hubris that has imposed itself upon this nation for the last four decades. In my opinion once Mrs. Clinton decided to conduct all of her communications through her own email server, whether personal or in the execution of her job as Secretary of State, she gave up the right to call her private server private. It should have been considered, for all intents and purposes, part of the government network. After all this was not some low level government employee that sent a couple of government emails from his personal email, this is the chief diplomat of the United States sending all her emails from outside the government's protected network.
     Mrs. Clinton's reasoning that it was for convenience sake because she did not want to carry two devices, either betrays her as a liar or an incompetent. It is hard to believe if that was the issue, the same IT guys that setup her email server would not have told the Secretary that it was possible to have multiple email accounts on a single mobile device, thus eliminating the trouble of setting up the server in her home.
     Mrs. Clinton further fed the laugh machine by stating categorically that her server security was never breached. There is no way she could have known this since most hackers, especially those hacking for the purpose of gaining sensitive information, will not announce that the hack has occurred. And as a cabinet-level member of the government, we can almost be assured that Mrs. Clinton's email server guarded by those Secret Service guys, was indeed hacked.
     It is obvious to anyone who has followed the unethical and sordid career of Hillary Clinton that she setup her own email server in her house when she became Secretary of State as a means of preemptive cover-up. She knew that any correspondence of corruption and memos of malice on her private server would be outside the grasp of the Freedom of Information Act. Furthermore, she knew she would have absolute control over that server to release only the information she wanted released. And it is that blatant entitlement to occupy the space above the law that is the real reason this scandal should disqualify her from any position in government, especially President of the United States.

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