Friday, March 13, 2015

Clinton Inc. Vs. Obama Inc.

     Anyone who even pays a cursory attention to politics has heard about the Clinton machine. It is said by some to be so powerful and wide-spread that it will be able to impose Hillary Clinton on this nation as its next president. Even though this same machine was not able to accomplish the same task in 2008. But never mind say the purveyors of the Clinton power machine as some kind of political perpetual motion apparatus.
     It is true that the Clintons have not only been able to raise enormous amounts of cash to fund a presidential campaign, but up until recently they have had an almost exclusive lock on the highest echelons of the Democrat Party. But the Clintons' power, to the extent that it is still relevant, has been centered in the halls and vestibules of the national party, very 20th century. It is a model that has served them well for most of their careers, but the political model, at least for the Democrat Party, is changing.
     The new model of political power is embodied by the Obamas. Barack Obama has not only maintained a tight control over national Party politics, but he has developed a community organizing network that spans the country. He will leave office in January 2017 with billions of taxpayer dollars having funded an organizational behemoth that makes Bill and Hillary look like pikers. If Barack Obama wants a couple hundred protesters in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, he can have them virtually in a matter of minutes. with professionally made signage and advanced community organizing strategies.
     With most of the constituencies of the Democrat Party, the Obamas are the future and the Clintons are a distant political memory. The fact that Hillary Clinton is trying to gin up support for her 2016 presidential aspirations by invoking what she and many Democrats see as the glory days of the 1990s, is not going to play well in a Party that is becoming more dominated by the Obama radicals than the Clinton centrists. Even the Washington Democrat power structure has been molded by Barack Obama to suit his purposes. Through two disastrous mid-term elections which saw Democrats cede majorities in both Houses of congress to the hapless Republicans, Barack Obama has cleansed his Party of most moderates that might not be loyal to him and his agenda.
     Barack Obama has already said that he is going to stick around Washington after his term is up. He is not going sightseeing, but will be an active force in Democrat Party politics as well as public policy decisions of the next administration, whether it is Democrat or Republican. And with the national network of community organizations he has built, funded by billions of dollars from the stimulus, son of stimulus, green energy loans to bankrupt companies, etc., it will be a force with which to be reckoned for many decades to come.

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