Friday, April 3, 2015

At Least Chamberlain Had A Signed Agreement

     When British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain stepped off his flight from Munich after he ceded the Sudeten region of Czechoslovakia to Adolf Hitler in 1938, he claimed he had secured "Peace in our time." He did after all have an agreement to which Heir Hitler's signature was affixed. Yesterday our very own Appeaser In Chief, Barack Obama, claimed much the same as Chamberlain had over 80 years ago. However, President Obama's "agreement" with the terrorist state of Iran was not signed, was not even an agreement, but a "framework" for an agreement.
     Claiming success, as the president did yesterday, for simply producing a framework for an agreement after over 15 months of negotiations is a bit analogous to a builder calling your new house complete after only nailing together a few 2x4s. The real tragedy of the Obama/Kerry framework is that is gives Iran the losing of sanctions without having to provide any concessions themselves.
     President Obama, being even more obtuse than Neville Chamberlain, has put his trust, and the security of the region and the world, in the hands of a radical Islamist regime that has murdered thousands of Americans over the last 4 decades, has spread terrorism throughout the Middle East region and beyond, has engaged in chants of "Death to America" while negotiating with the American representatives, and has refused to allow for Israel's right to exist.
     President Obama claimed that sanctions were not working, yet it was the effects of the sanctions on the Iranian economy that brought them to the bargaining table in the first place. President Obama said that sanctions could be (not will be) re-imposed if the Iranians break the agreement, that by the way does not exist. But by the time the Iranians break the agreement, it will be too late. President Obama stated that inspectors would insure that the Iranian regime was not violating the agreement, but when have inspectors ever been successful in this task, can anyone say, "Hans Blix in Iraq?"
     With the economy at home unraveling even further as a result of the Obama economic policies, Barack Obama is so desperate to achieve something before he leaves office that he is wiling to make any deal with the Iranians. The Iranians have coyly used the President's desperation to move the goal posts far from where they began 15 months ago. The policy of the U.S. government before that time had always been to stop Iran from building a bomb, period. Now the Obama administration has changed that goal into making sure it would only take the Iranians a year to build a bomb, commonly referred to as the "break-out time."
     Neville Chamberlain, putting his trust in a signed agreement with a despot was na├»ve. Barack Obama placing his trust in an unsigned framework of an agreement with a regime that has been waging war on the U.S. and her allies for almost forty years is suicidal. But Mr. Obama has something that Chamberlain did not, i.e. a slavish media that will not report that the emperor's agreement has no clothes, an ill-informed public that will believe it, and a network of spin masters that will blame the inevitable failure of his agreement on a future president or congress.

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