Friday, April 10, 2015

The Lesson Of Rand Paul

     Rand Paul's newly announced presidential candidacy has hardly had an opportunity to advance his ideas and solutions for this country when it has tripped over his rather large and abrasive ego. The latest non-issue related aspect of his campaign to take center stage has been his rude and obnoxious behavior during an interview with Savannah Guthrie. Although some of the rabid members of the far Right see his performance as some sort of comeuppance for a blatantly biased media. I too am always sanguine about the media being revealed as the fools they are, but only in the course of articulating conservatism.
     Senator Paul seems to have abandon any semblance of discussing his various flip-flops on issues for the cannons of retribution aimed squarely at a media that he obviously despises. There is no sacred veil of decorum for Rand Paul when it comes to the Leftist media, or for that matter anyone who does not share his Libertarian views. I capitalize the word libertarian in this case to show that Mr. Paul's views are more aligned with the modern Libertarian political Party than the ideology of libertarianism upon which this country was founded.
     I am not opposed to the media being roundly criticized and repudiated, only not by our candidates hoping to seek the Republican nomination for president in 2016. That repudiation is better left in the hands of talk radio and other right-leaning punditry. Our presidential candidates should conduct themselves at all times with the utmost respect, even for a hostile media. Our candidates must cleave to the sanctity of the issues and be careful to only allow their tongues to operate in defense of conservatism.
     Mr. Paul's arrogance is far too reminiscent of our current president, only much more craggy and abrasive. The whole of the base in the Republican Party is more likely to support the decorous and gentlemanly behavior enshrined in the personality of Ronald Reagan than the flagrantly self-righteous condescension of Rand Paul. Mr. Paul, et al would be wise not to engage in a battle with the main stream media along their path to the White House. While this vocal revolt against the media may feed the red meat appetite of the fringe base of the Republican Party, it is a losing strategy for any candidate that wishes to attract converts to conservative ideas.  

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