Friday, April 17, 2015

The Bogus First Term Senator Argument

     The 2016 campaign season has just begun and one of the most often repeated assertions by those on the Right is that we do not need another first term senator like Barack Obama. The reason most cited is that the lack of experience is a hindrance to an effective presidency. This theory has been applied to Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul by the governors-only-need-apply crowd. Maybe they have a point, but that point is certainly no where near being made by citing the Obama presidency as an example.
     As inexperienced as Barack Obama was when he was elected the first time in 2008, no one can say that he has not been effective. Unfortunately his effectiveness has benefitted his radical Leftist ideology more than it has the cause of Liberty. He rode into Washington with barely more than community agitating on his resume and has flummoxed, fouled, and flaxed men who have orchestrated the machinations of the nation's capital for decades.
     When one compares the state of the union in 2009 when Barack Obama was inaugurated, and its state in 2015, the transformation is breath-taking. The best healthcare industry in the world has been transmogrified into the federal government's whore. The influx of illegal aliens has essentially been codified in U.S. law by an unlawful executive order. Poverty has increased, and along with the dependence on government for basic subsistence. The banking industry has been put in chains through the Dodd/Frank legislation which rewards large banks and drives smaller community banks out of business with insurmountable compliance expenses.
     I could go on, but if the reader has not gotten the point by now, there is no sense in engaging in useless prosecution of my charge. Point is that this first term senator, with no experience in the private sector, has been more effective than any president since Franklin Roosevelt. Unfortunately his effectiveness has taken this nation on a collision course with tyranny and oppression. Just imagine the good he could have done, and the prosperous and balanced government we could be enjoying now had this first term senator used his effectiveness for good instead of ill.
     I understand the desire for some to have a governor as president. The executive experience gained from running a state is equal to that of heading a fortune five hundred company. But first term senators can also have the skill and political acumen to move the country in one direction or the other. The fact that Barack Obama was a first term senator and has been effective at moving the country in the wrong direction, does not imply that this is a trait of all first term senators. I am for any candidate that can move the country back to constitutional rule, whether he or she is a governor, a former CEO of a major corporation, or even a lowly first term senator. 

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