Monday, April 27, 2015

Hillary Clinton: Politics Version Of Bruce Jenner

     So last week the nation heard that former world champion athlete Bruce Jenner is a woman trapped in a man's body, and that world class freeloader Hillary Clinton is a president trapped in the body of an ageing, feckless, avaricious woman. The former is seeking resolve for his delusion through transgender surgery, the physical substitute for the greatly needed therapy that those suffering from his affliction desperately need. The latter is seeking a remedy for her disorder by trying to convince the gullible to look past her greedy, grasping fingers and elect her President of the United States of America.
     Hillary Clinton's effort to convince enough people to elect her to the highest office in the land is dependent on trying to also convince them that somewhere in this politically awkward and failure-laden woman lies a politically savvy savior that is just what this nation requires to save it from the last six years and counting. Even though much of the damage visited upon this country in those years has been a result of her own tenure as Secretary of State.
     The fact that even Mrs. Clinton's most ardent supporters can not name one single accomplishment to assign her, does not seem to matter to those whose only requirement for the next president is female genitalia and a Leftist ideology. I am constantly amazed how the ideologically blinded on the Left can look past all of Hillary's failures, from Hillarycare to Benghazi and the famous "reset" with Russia, which we now know included them getting control of twenty percent of the U.S. uranium supply and the Clinton's receiving millions of dollars from Russia for their slush fund called "The Clinton Family Foundation."
     Although Mrs. Clinton is as full of artifice as her husband, she has nary the ability to deflect criticism for it through her beguiling of her intended audience. Where Bill Clinton can, to paraphrase Winston Churchill, tell the nation to got to hell in a way that makes us look forward to the trip, Hillary Clinton makes us dread any trip with which she has had anything to do.
     Which brings me back to Bruce Jenner and his "gender reassignment." Hillary Clinton is employing her own transformation, we will call it a "political personality reassignment." The purpose of which is to convince a significant number of Americans that somewhere under her quotidian, gawky pant suit beats the heart of a brilliant leader and that all observers of her campaign should ignore what they have seen and vote instead for the reassigned Hillary Clinton.

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