Monday, April 13, 2015

The Hillary Announcement

     The yawn-fest that was Hillary Clinton's announcement of her intention to run for the Democrat nomination to be that Party's 2016 presidential candidate had its lassitude exceeded only by its insulting nature, to women specifically and the American voter in general. The fact that the voters, and women in particular, would vote for Hillary Clinton because of the historic nature of a "first female president," treats them as if they are spectators of the republic in which they live instead of active participants. But then for the last 25 years the Clintons, as well as much of their Party, has looked at Americans as voters and not as citizens.
     The idea that Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy in a video on the Internet instead of in front of a large crowd of supporters says much about her handlers' lack of confidence in her ability to be an effective public speaker and connect with the throngs. It also shows the financial venality of Mrs. Clinton, to make money on having her announcement monetized with ad revenues for the shameless advertising preceding her announcement. But then anyone who does not understand that the Clintons' have always been about enriching themselves at the expense of the nation, has probably been brain dead over the last quarter century.
     As for Mrs. Clinton's bona fides to be president of the United States, other than being Bill Clinton's wife, she has none. In fact I thought I would never say this, but Hillary Clinton is less qualified and has fewer accomplishments than Barack Obama when he ran in 2008. Even her most ardent supporters can not articulate one success she has had in being First Lady, senator of New York, or Secretary of State.
     This last position that was granted to her by the demigods of the Democrat Party was especially concerning to and disastrous for the American people. With Russia on the advance in Eastern Europe, Iran having its way with the Middle East and the Obama administration, Libya, Iraq, and Yemen hotbeds of terrorist activity, and no place in the world better off and more peaceful than it was in 2009 when Mrs. Clinton became the chief diplomat for the United States, no case can be made for Hillary's competence, let alone exceptionalism.
     And are not Democrats who support Hillary the most sexist persons of all, expecting the American voter to support her just because she is a woman and it would be historic to have the first woman president? There is no greater bigotry than that which sacrifices achievement and accomplishment at the altar of identity politics. It remains to be seen if the American voters will make Mrs. Clinton the beneficiary of such a sacrifice or if they will finally stand up and demand principled, responsible, and competent leadership.  


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