Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Twin Tenets Of Tyranny

     I am not surprised by the number of big businesses that have aligned themselves with the religious bigots against the state of Indiana. Businesses like Apple, which just two weeks before they inked a retail deal with Saudi Arabia, that country sentenced a man to 450 lashes. His crime; being homosexual. I wonder how Apple CEO Tim Cook reconciles his passive support for such blatantly anti-homosexual practices with his company's profiting off a culture that engages in such behavior. But then Mr. Cook will never have to answer for his hypocrisy in the bubble of Leftism in which he lives and operates.
     The other interesting contradiction I find on the Left that has been illuminated by their hysteria over the freedom of religious conscience is their insistence that corporations are not people. When it serves the Lefts political purposes in denying conservative businesses from participating in the political process, they have their personage stripped from them. However, in the case of denying freedom of religious conscience to all Americans, the Leftist mob claims these same businesses somehow magically embody the very human characteristic of bigotry.
     If businesses are not people, as the Left has so often claimed, then it is impossible for them to discriminate, and the Lefts whole argument is null and void. Inversely if businesses can discriminate against certain groups, by that very act they are considered persons. But the Leftist mob does not see logic, reason, or even fairness. For their ability to distinguish justice from injustice has been strained through a filter of hatred and intolerance for anyone with varying beliefs.
     I fail to see how someone refusing to participate in an event that violates their religious conscience can be conflated with discrimination in any form against those that do participate in such an event. Does the fact that I refuse to attend a sporting event mean that I am discriminating against those that do attend? Of course not. And are we to now accept in the twisted, mangled, and upside down world of the Left that participating in commerce somehow voids the constitutional rights of the participants?
     The founders of this great nation intended that citizens have freedom of commerce, but more importantly they felt freedom of speech and the free exercise of one's religious faith was more important. That is why those ideals were outlined and protected in the First Amendment. It is a long slide away from Liberty that we have taken as a country when the government can compel violation of conscience using the twin tenets of tyranny embodied in forced commerce and coercion of association.

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