Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Al Sharpton Factor

     The murder of Walter Scott by now former police officer Michael T. Slager is a tragedy in the scope of its brutality. There seems to be no reason or mitigating circumstances to support the former officer in the actions he took. And even though he was immediately stripped of his badge, charged with murder, and jailed for his crime, one can guarantee that these appropriate actions will not be near enough for those in the race industry who make their bread and butter off police shootings, trying to equate all of them with what happened in South Carolina.
     Walter Scott's body barely had the life drained from it by the evil act of Michael Slager, and the "Reverend" Al Sharpton was preparing to organize protests and acts of thuggery. I put the word reverend in quotes because I wonder when the last time was that anyone witnessed Al Sharpton reciting scriptures, inspiring congregants with spiritually-based sermons sans political motivation, or engaging in any other behavior in which any other reverend would. The term "reverend," when applied to Al Sharpton, is analogous to applying the term jumbo to shrimp, or intelligence to government.
     Al Sharpton is the somewhat buffoonish figure head of the politically correct race-baiting industry that has stolen the identity of the 1960s civil rights movement. The goal of the political correctness movement, among many others, is to transform truth into controversy to avoid its dissemination. It is also the tactic of the practitioners of this bastard child of Karl Marx to build an edifice of fear and lies from a grain of truth.
     In the coming weeks I am sure that the public will be treated to pronouncements by the race-baiting industry that what has happened in South Carolina is endemic of any police shooting anywhere in the country, rather than the truth, that it was more of an anomaly. It certainly looks as though Michael T. Slager murdered Walter Scott as he was running away. However, we have no information as of yet that would suggest that the shooting was based on the color of Mr. Scott's skin.
     It is a shame that former officer Slager sullied the reputation of his fellow officers, and gave the deplorable race-baiters like Al Sharpton the ammunition to tag all police with his misdeed. Justice will be carried out in South Carolina, just as it was in Ferguson, Missouri. Unfortunately the race-baiters, disguised as reverends and the political purveyors of ignorance, will forever see no difference between the two events. They only see in terms of color and their conclusions and beliefs are based purely on this most bigoted view of life.  

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