Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Democrat Party Sets Sights On 2020

     There are times when a political Party, knowing that their chance of winning a national election is small, that they will concede that election to their opponent by the champion they choose to represent them. This happened when the Democrat Party chose George McGovern to run against Richard Nixon in 1972 and were trounced by the Republican incumbent, who carried 49 states. It was also the case in 1984 when the Democrats conceded the election to Ronald Reagan by nominating as their candidate Walter Mondale, who like McGovern was destroyed by his Republican opponent's ability to win 49 states.
     Republicans have also conceded elections, like in 1996 when they nominated the aged and lackluster Bob Dole to run against the popular president and vibrant campaigner, Bill Clinton. Or more recently when the Republicans ran the outclassed John McCain in 2008 to run against Barack Obama. To the chagrin of the nation we all know how that decision by Republicans turned out. Sometimes a political party just succumbs to the punditry class when they tell them they just can not win.
     The Democrats are in the position with respects to next year's presidential election that they are throwing in the towel and placing a rather limited amount of chips on Hillary Clinton. No intellectually honest Democrat can realistically predict a win for the aged and uninspiring Mrs. Clinton. The Democrat big wigs feel that after throwing her over in 2008 for Barack Obama, they must now give her this last opportunity to run for president. They figure if they flush her out of the pipeline now it will clear the way for a more qualified candidate to beat the first term Republican president in 2020.
     By 2020 Hillary Clinton will surely be too old and even less inspiring. And many of her competitors within the Democrat Party will be more seasoned and in the sweet spot of their political careers. Look for Democrats to develop their bench in the next 4-5 years in anticipation of unseating whomever the Republican is that will win 2016.
     The Democrats are politically savvy and have conceded the election of 2016 by choosing Hillary. They do not wish to sully their up-and-comers with a loss, so they will hold them in reserve until 2020. That is not to say that Mrs. Clinton will have no competition for the Democrat nomination, she may. But that competition will be minimal and designed to make Hillary look better to the voters than she is.
     And when she loses, the Democrat establishment can say they kept their promise to Hillary in exchange for her defense of her husband all those years and for being the good loser to Barack Obama. Remember she had more than enough reason to challenge Barack Obama's nomination on legal grounds vis-à-vis the Obama campaign's shenanigans. Hillary Clinton will ride off into the sunset, with one more failure to place in a lifetime of failures, for which she will receive hundreds of thousands of dollars an hour to speak about to the slobbering masses of Leftists that value ideology over success.

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