Sunday, November 11, 2012

Let Us Count Our Blessings

     Now that I have come in off the ledge after last week's election loss, and it's an unusually warm and sunny November day here in northern Ohio, I have decided to look at not what we have lost, but what we still have left. The voters decided to return control of the House of Representatives to the Republicans. It is now up to those Republicans to use their last vestiges of power to stem the bleeding from a second Obama term. We also have a brand new Tea Party candidate by the name of Ted Cruz in the Senate, representing the great state of Texas. Not to mention that the Tea Party and other grass roots Conservative organizations are not going away. They are committed to the long term struggle of rebuilding liberty and fiscal sanity in this country. Most of all, we still live in the greatest country ever devised by the minds of men in conjunction with the laws of God.
     This past week I had to remind myself of the most dire times in our history, and as strong-willed Americans do, we overcame adversity and became victorious over the forces which sought our destruction. George Washington's troops at Valley Forge, many without shoes for their feet in the dead of winter, so believed in the cause of liberty and their commander that they fought heroically to bring honor to both. The American Revolution in and of itself is an unbelievable tale of a rag tag group of farmers and businessmen defeating the most powerful army in the world at the time and gaining their independence. We, as freedom-loving Americans, were able to emerge from a civil war, an even stronger nation than before. A war which resulted in 600,000 deaths by the hands of their own countrymen  We've been through depressions and natural disasters which have claimed an untold number of human lives and an incalculable amount of wealth. We have been through countless wars and even attacks on our homeland, none of which has dampened the furor with which we claim liberty and freedom for ourselves and all men.
     Indeed we have been blessed, and we must use the strength of those blessings and the moral probity that comes from our gratitude for them, to ultimately triumph over the forces that aim to mitigate our liberty. We are not being asked to storm the beaches at Normandy, or march for miles barefoot through snow and ice. We must simply dedicate ourselves to never losing the gratitude for our blessings of liberty. Those blessings that the founders fought, died and impoverished themselves for to ensure future generations would enjoy the benefits of this exceptional country. We can do no less to honor them than to dedicate ourselves fully to the cause of defending the values and principles that they so eloquently outlined in the founding documents they bequeathed to us and to all men.

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  1. Americans voted a majority for Democrats in the House of Representatives. The GOP retained a majority through gerry mandering districts during the 2010 redistricting. If America had the representation they voted for, Nancy Pelosi would be the Speaker. The GOP has to open its tent, as they cannot rely upon gerry mandering the majority of voters into a minority representation forever. It will eventually catch up.

    1. "The GOP has to open up it's tent." I suppose you'd have the GOP be the same as the Democrats, perhaps you think everyone ought to be like you. It would be a sad day for democracy were we to lose a second option that is indeed different, allowing people like myself to have some semblance of representation in the goverment. No, the GOP doesn't need to "open it's tent" to survive, it needs to do a better job of representing those who do vote for them, which obviously doesn't include you.

    2. Actually the 2010 election, when the Republicans won the most decisive House victory in history, was before redistricting. And if you're going to be against redistricting, which is done every 10 years, then be against it when Democrats do it to favor their electoral chances.

  2. I find Soisay's comments humorous since the Dems are the kings of gerrymandering!

    Yes, John, we want to have a voice for sanity. And we need to be very clear in our message, which is the truth in everyone's heart if they will stop and listen.