Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Man Who Wasn't There

     I saw a Coen Brothers movie a few years ago about a barber who gets involved in blackmail and murder, but instead of being an active participant in his life, he is a passive observer. At the movie's conclusion, we as the audience know as little about the barber as we did at the beginning. I have recently thought of our President, Barrack Obama, as the barber. He floats through the ether of reality without ever touching the solid ground of participation.
     One of the Universities that Barrack Obama attended was Columbia, although 300 of  his would be classmates, have no recollection of the future President. In fact, there is no public proof that he ever attended class. He was made President of the Harvard Law review, but inexplicably never published anything in that prestigious journal. He sat in a pew in Reverend Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years, having the good reverend marry him and his wife and baptize his children, but had no idea the man was a rampant anti-American racist. As a representative in the Illinois legislature, he voted present more than any other person in the history of that esteemed body. He claims that unrepentant terrorist, Bill Ayers, was just a guy in the neighborhood, but began his political career in the terrorist's living room.
     The Man Who Wasn't There persona persisted once Barrack Obama became President. He didn't know how bad the economy was, even though he spent the entire 2008 campaign claiming it was the worse economy since the Great Depression. He claimed no knowledge of the Fast and Furious gun -running scheme created and put into action by his administration. The program killed hundreds of Mexicans and two U. S. border agents. The President then claimed Executive Privilege to keep classified what he didn't know. He also said he didn't know about the increased security requested by the ambassador of Libya, or that the attack was anything but a spontaneous response to an anti-Muslim YouTube video. And Now the President says he knew nothing about the affair in which his Director of Central Intelligence, David Petraeus, engaged. Even though the President's own Justice Department and FBI knew of the affair for months, they apparently didn't think a possible security problem with the Director of the CIA was worthy of a Presidential briefing on the matter.
    The exit polls from this past election would suggest that a majority of the voters still blame President Bush for the worst economy in 70 years, four years after he left office. But then who can the voters blame? Certainly not Barrack Obama, after all he is The Man Who Wasn't There.

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  1. May I ask why you spell Barack as "Barrack" with two Rs?

  2. The first "r" is for his first recession and the second "r" is for his next recession. Actually, it was an honest mistake.