Monday, November 19, 2012

The Lefts Objectification Of Women

     I first became aware of the lefts hypocrisy and phony outrage over womens' rights during the Clinton administration. I was stunned at how quickly and stridently the National Organization for Woman, as well as other groups that claimed to represent women, defended Bill Clinton during his many scandals involving his utter disrespectful and disgraceful treatment of women. But then Democrats are immune from criticism for their sexist behavior, a case in point is Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd. These two fine upstanding public servants use to regularly hit on waitresses and barmaids, suggesting the three of them make a "waitress sandwich."  I'll let the more mature reader draw their own conclusions. But the defense of Bill Clinton, probably the only president ever accused of rape, by groups claiming to represent the best interests of women, was beyond the pale of normal hypocritical behavior by the left.
     For those who are not convinced that the left demeans and objectifies women, you must have not been conscious during the recent Presidential campaign. The Obama re-election effort, as it related to women, consisted of reducing them to their reproductive organs. This objectification of women by Democrats reached its absurd pinnacle with a slogan on the official Obama campaign website. The slogan told women, "Vote Like Your Lady Parts Depend On It." Isn't this the very definition of objectifying women? Refusing to acknowledge that women are concerned with more important issues besides birth control and abortion, is not only objectifying them, but insulting their intelligence. It's the very male behavior and attitudes that women have fought to overcome for hundreds if not thousands of years.
     Democrats treat women as they do all their various constituency groups, keep them in a well-defined box and never let them stray outside of it. The boundaries which construct the box are created and decided upon mostly by Liberal white males. They are the ones who tell the members of the various groups what they must think in order to be considered a member of that group. If you doubt what I say, just consider how Liberals treat black, women, Hispanic or gay Conservatives. They are regularly called traitors to their groups and are demonized in some of the most despicable ways imaginable. The reason is clear, Democrats inculcate victimization in the members of their various groups, which then require government intervention as a salve to soothe the effects of the perceived injustice. Members of those groups who are self-reliant are an enemy to the Liberal goal of an ever expanding Federal government. This expansion of the State at the expense of the individual is the real goal of Democrats. It destroys individual initiative and creates a bland and soulless society where everyone is just a cog in the wheel of the State.

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