Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Biggest Con In History

     As a child, my mother taught me that one diminishes the morality of a good deed by bragging about it. Throughout my life I have learned that this truism applies to most virtuous behavior. So, for instance, the person who talks about how honest they are, is usually the one with the least honesty. The bread and butter of the confidence man is convincing their mark through words, not actions, of their honesty. And it's not just con men who employ this tactic for the purpose of separating gullible people from their money. I'm sure we've all known people who exaggerate how good they are at one activity or another, when reality falls far short of their words.
     The need for someone to constantly talk about their virtuous character has its roots in a basic insecurity within the individual. They realize, even if it's at a subconscious level, that they are lacking in virtue. By shaping others perception of them as a virtuous person, they can mitigate the insecurity within themselves. Sometimes this shaping of perception is done for some material gain, as with the con men, and sometimes it is done to fill an emotional need within the person.
     There are those individuals who brag about their non-existent virtue as a means of controlling other people. If one can establish that they are virtuous, then it follows that everything they do and say is beyond reproach. Their decisions cannot be questioned because they originate from the well of purity that they themselves have told you they posses. This is the case with the statist mentality of many who practice the religion of Leftism.
     Many have surmised that statists want larger and larger government so that they can gain access to bigger chunks of taxpayer money and more control over their daily lives . Both of these are true. But at the very core of every statist, is insecurity about the supply of virtue within themselves, and they assume a similar lack of supply in others. As a means of saving people from themselves, the statist convinces people to allow them, with all their virtue, to make basic decisions for them. They convince people to abdicate their responsibilities, thereby not only giving the statist material control over their lives, but moral control. Because without responsibility, one has very little virtue and therefore will fall victim to those who they perceive to have more. It really is the confidence game, but executed on millions of people at a time. It has been a decades long process by the Left to remove virtue from society through government policy, and then bestow upon themselves the title of, "The Virtuous." This allows them to run the biggest con in history.

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