Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Legacy of Chief Justice Roberts

     With the re-election this week of Barrack Obama, any hope of saving our health care system from ruin has been extinguished. By the end of his second term (those words are bitter herbs in my mouth), Obamacare will have its cancerous tentacles deeply rooted in every aspect of health care and beyond. But more than any one person in particular, Chief Justice John Roberts will go down in history as being responsible for destroying the best health care system in the world and serving a severe blow to the cause of liberty. Of course, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and left-wing advocacy groups crafted the Obamacare bill. And the President, using his bully pulpit, lied about virtually every aspect of it.
     But it was Chief Justice Roberts who saw the obvious unconstitutionality of the law, but didn't have the courage to resist the onslaught of an administration-led public intimidation campaign against him. He had initially voted to strike the law down, but in the intervening time between the preliminary vote and the final one, he changed his vote. The administration, including President Obama, engaged in a community organizing public intimidation campaign of Chief Justice Roberts. There is no doubt that even a civics high school student reading the Constitution, could make the determination that Obamacare came nowhere close to passing Constitutional muster. It was Justice Kennedy, of all people, who said that if the government can compel people to buy health care through the individual mandate, then there is no limiting principle that exists on government. The entire basis of the Constitution is to limit the authority of the Federal government.
     So now we are trapped with a law that is designed specifically to put health insurance companies out of business so that government can swoop in and fill the role of single-payer. This is the goal that President Obama has publicly stated in the past. Once the government is paying for your health care, it will be involved in every aspect of your life under the guise of controlling costs. Not only that, but with the cost for Obamacare already tripling, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the strain put on the economy is going to be devastating. Expect wait times to see a doctor to go from days to months, especially if that doctor is a specialist. The simple fact is that more doctors are leaving the profession because of the new law. This will strain a system that was already seeing thousands more doctors leaving the profession every year than were graduating medical schools to replace them. This lack of supply will necessarily lead to rationing, and yes, death panels which will decide who lives and who dies.
     So this, and so many more untold tragedies, is the legacy of Chief Justice Roberts. I don't know what is in the mind of the Chief Justice and whether or not his conscience has punished him since his decision. But I do know he took an oath to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, and he has broken that oath and permanently stained both his reputation and his legacy.

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