Sunday, November 4, 2012

Why Obama Will Lose On Tuesday

     When Barrack Obama loses the Presidential election this Tuesday, it will be for two main reasons. One, he just can't transform the souse ear of his policy failures into the silk purse of re-election victory. And the second cause of his loss will be a poorly run campaign. I know some of you are thinking, "But Axelrod and Plouffe are the geniuses that ran Barrack Obama's successful 2008 campaign." Well, a high school student council campaign would have won in 2008 against John McCain, who at times looked like he didn't even want the job.
     The biggest problem for President Obama is not that he is a big government Liberal, which he most certainly is, but that the voters see him as dangerous to their individual liberties. Especially in light of the public statements he has made, which are antithetical to our system of government and the Constitution. In a 2002 radio interview, Barrack Obama called the Constitution a charter of negative rights, because it only said what the Federal government can't do. In other words he doesn't want to see any limiting principle enforced on the Federal government. Since becoming President, Mr. Obama has publicly expressed envy for the power possessed by China's Communist leaders, lamented that the founders wrote a Constitution which made change difficult and has expressed a desire to circumvent Congress (and the Constitution) and make laws himself without the laborious legislative process.
     But back to the poorly run campaign. The Barrack Obama re-election campaign has been chaotic, veering from Bain Capital attacks to Mitt Romney's tax returns to Mitt Romney's 47% remark to Big Bird to Mr. Romney's binder comment in the second debate and then back to the Bain Capital attacks. The President's campaign has done everything it can to avoid talking about Barrack Obama's dismal record on the economy, energy, the debt and foreign policy (especially the Sept. 11 attacks on Benghazi which killed four Americans, including our ambassador). All that has been left to them is to attack Mitt Romney, which I think has back-fired. It has made the President's campaign look negative and week, while Mitt Romney's effort has been seen by the voters as uplifting and positive. Someone should have told the Obama campaign that voters don't like electing a President that is a gloomy Gus. But then they were committed to the low road upon which they set themselves and nothing was going to make them change course. Not being able to adapt to new information and changing situations is what made President Obama a horrible failure as a president, as well as giving him a losing campaign.

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