Thursday, November 15, 2012

Shame On The Catholics

     Let me begin by saying that I was baptized a Catholic when I was a baby, and spent 12 years matriculated in Catholic schools. Until the age of eighteen, or there about, I attended mass weekly. I still believe in some of the Catholic teachings and values, the problem is that the Church has abandoned those very same values they claim to hold dear.
     This most recent Presidential election is a prime example of the Catholic abandonment of core values. Fifty percent of Catholic congregates, as well as some clergy and others in the Catholic religious life, voted for Barrack Obama. This support of a man who, while in the Illinois legislature, supported a law which legalized infanticide, is in direct contradiction to Catholic teachings, not to mention all codes of decency. Further abandonment of Catholic values is illustrated by Catholic support for Barrack Obama, even after he announced his unwillingness to enforce the Defense of Marriage act, and his subsequent position of lending Presidential approval to gay marriage. One of the most serious sins committed by the Catholic church is its support of Obamacare which, once passed into law, was used as a sledge hammer to shatter religious freedom guaranteed by the Constitution.
     I have always wondered how people who say they are against abortion, contraception, gay marriage and a host of other issues which construct the modern-day Democrat party, can vote for that very same party. I even know a nun who voted for Barrack Obama, which is antithetical to the vows she took when she entered religious life. She said she voted for him to ensure the continued support of the poor. But even if one believes that government should be engaging in charity, contrary to the Constitution, the roles of the poverty-stricken have grown by 20% and food stamp participation by 70%, during President Obama's first term. Furthermore, minorities and woman have higher unemployment and are streaming into poverty at a much higher rate than the general population. So if you claim to have concern for minorities and the poor, why would you support politicians whose policies cause more suffering among these communities. The outcomes of more poverty and higher unemployment are predictable results of policies that have a long history of failure, in this country and throughout the world. Europe should be an obvious and spectacular example of the folly of the kinds of policies that the President has and wants to implement.
     What my nun friend and other Catholics who vote Democrat don't seem to understand is that there is no biblical mandate for government to confiscate wealth from one segment of the population that has earned it, and give it to another segment that hasn't. The call to charity in the bible is a personal one, which implores individuals, not governments, to help the less fortunate. It is the wealth created by free market capitalism, not the wealth confiscation of government that feeds political greed, that allows for a more compassionate society.   

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  1. Funny thing is, he lost among Catholics who attend Mass regularly. Slim perhaps, but he still lost.

  2. I should also add that the Church hasn't abandoned her values, but those values are no longer being passed on. It's only recently that we've started to get it back, and thank God for sending us Pope Benedict XVI

    1. Justin, Thanks for your comment. I feel as though many local Catholic leaders, i.e. parish priests and bishops have bought into charity being something administered by government and not a voluntary personal choice.

  3. I read that 57% of "Euro" Catholics voted (R), 80% of latino Catholics voted (D).

    Is this a new variant on the old re-distributive tale of "robbing Peter to pay Paul", except Peter speaks English at home and Paul doesn't.

    This is only going to ramp up. Many US Catholic bishops want immigration reform to include the rights of "family reunification". If 20 million people get amnesty and they "re-unify", that is, sponsor three or four additonal family members into the USA, who is going to pay for all this? Are there enough Peters in the USA with wages to pay for what will be needed?

    US Catholic bishops will one day wonder why their collection baskets have no money - the government got their first.