Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Self Esteem of Global Warming

     I have been fascinated in recent years by the global denial of fact and common sense as it relates to the climate change religion. The fact that none of the predictions from the climate change "experts" over the last 20 years have materialized, doesn't stop these anti-Capitalists from trying to destroy perfectly good economies. Even the exposure as frauds of the "scientists" at England's Hadley Center for Climate Prediction and Research, doesn't slow down the desire of world leftists to redistribute wealth using oppressive global government. I thought for sure it was the end of this fraudulent "science" known as climate change, when emails were released from Hadley showing the "scientists" deliberately ignored data that refuted the man-made global warming argument. But the world media, along with all the institutions of the left, ignored the scandal. Just as they did when the code for the computer program which created the models upon which the entire man-made climate change argument is based, showed that the desired results were hard coded so as not to allow any other results.
     I was perplexed by the willingness of otherwise intelligent people to buy into such a thoroughly discredited fraud. Until I realized that support for man-made climate change is linked to another leftist sacrament, the self-esteem movement. What better way is there to make irrelevant people feel good about their lives than to convince them they are saving the planet? Think of the delusion of grandeur inculcated in a generation of people that instructs them that they are more powerful than God. Never mind the fact that even if the planet is warming in some unnatural way, the climate change pushers solutions would have little affect on reversing the trend, according their own research.
     If one looks at the history of our planet, it becomes obvious that climate change is a natural part of its cycles. Greenland used to be farmed by the Vikings, and is now covered by ice. A million years ago there weren't any polar ice caps, and now "climatologists" point to their supposed melting as a sign of some man-made Armageddon. The planet has existed through many cooling and warming spells greater than anything the climate change pushers claim is happening today. And these other climate change events in our planet's past have all occurred before industrialization or the invention of SUVs. These facts are known by the world leftists, whose aim it is to use these natural earth cycles to convince the people of an impending Armageddon, and thereby sacrifice their liberty at the alter of big government. Much like the Egyptian Pharaohs used eclipses to convince the simpletons of their day that they had godly influence over the earth.
     It is hard to counter manufactured self-esteem, especially when it is derived from an individuals perception that they can control the climate, much like a god. And the superiority they feel over their fellow citizens, who they have been taught are analogous to flat-earthers, is more intoxicating than any opiate known to man. It is the self-esteem of Global Warming, and in the absence of real science, it has created the mechanism of our real destruction as a result of ignorance.

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  1. Just goes to show how weak minded the public is, thanks to the public education system and the MSM!

  2. Another excellent piece of commentary. I was talking with my friend the other day about GW, and pointed out to him that the reason CO2 is so convenient an excuse is because the ocean's ability to store it decreases with increased temperature. The earth warms up a bit, and bam the ocean dumps amounts of CO2 that make SUVs look like hand warmers. But if you look at the plots of CO2 over the plots of temperature (I did this using wikipedia data) you'll notice the temperature rises before the CO2 rises.

    1. Good points John. Also I heard a geologist once say that CO2 is the result of warming not the cause of it.