Thursday, December 13, 2012

Diamond Barry Obama-The Gambler

     The Obama administration has officially recognized the Syrian rebel forces as the legitimate representatives of the people. This recognition is one more in a long line of actions by the Obama regime which is illustrative of its feckless incompetence. Not that lending moral support to the Syrian rebels against the brutal regime of Bashar Al Assad is the right course of action, it is. But there is a world of difference between lending moral support to people who are in rebellion against their oppressive and brutal government, and officially recognizing those people as the de facto government of their country. Not to mention that the Obama regime was praising Bashar Al Assad as a reformer just a short time ago. Talk about sending mixed signals.
     The President seems intent on throwing his support behind different groups of Middle-East rebels until he can claim competence. President Obama is analogous to a gambling addict who thinks his next bet at the black jack table or the next spin of the roulette wheel is going to make him a big winner. But this President has a history of being on the wrong side of history, just like most Liberals of the last 40 years. He chose not to lend his support to the Iranian Green Party in 2009 after that country's sham of an election lead to mass rioting and demonstrations. A word of moral support from the President of United States may have made the difference in the effort to topple the Iranian regime. But he was silent and the rebellion was squashed.
     The President's next foray into rolling the die of freedom and trying to avoid the snake eyes of oppression, was the Arab Spring. It is uncanny how Diamond Barry Obama backed the wrong groups in almost every uprising in the Middle-East. From his support of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi in Egypt, to his arming of rebels in Libya who later turned out to be Al Queda terrorists who killed our ambassador and three other Americans, President Obama has shown very poor judgement. This lack of competent judgement on the part of the President has not only made the Middle-East less stable and more dangerous, but it has caused a weakening of the national security of this country.     
     Prior to 1979, radical Islamists had no state support for their terrorists activities. Then President Jimmy Carter handed the Islamist terrorists Iran on a silver platter, which lead to the formation of every terrorist group in the last 33 years. Now, it seems, that President Obama has handed radical Islamists most of the rest of the Middle-East. I wonder what the next 30 years will bring the United States and the world, surely it will be more loss of innocent lives and a stronger world-wide terrorist community. And this will be the legacy of a President who is in over his head and has no right, by experience or understanding, to gamble away the future of this country and global peace for all the people of the world.

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