Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Superficial Diversity Of The Left

     I have written previously about the obsession the left possess to swaddle education in diversity at the expense of excellence, but this obsession has become a malignant tumor on many parts of our culture. Those on the left that push the diversity agenda, say they do not believe in discriminating based on skin color, sexual orientation or ethnicity, except of course when it advances their diversity goals. The entire basis of their idea of diversity is based on superficial characteristics, such as skin color. Visit any college campus and you will witness students of all races and sexual persuasions, but you won't find that same diversity in the arena of ideas or thought. Students that express an opinion that is at odds with the strict leftist ideology of the university, are routinely discriminated against by their professors and peers, with the full-throated support of leftists everywhere.
     This superficial diversity has become standard operating procedure in business, private organizations and even in churches and synagogues. It is becoming more important, for instance, that a company have the "proper" mix of minorities, than it is that they hire the best people to advance their company's financial goals. The judging of a person based on skin color, ethnicity or sexual orientation to advance them to a position they wouldn't have on their own merits, is just as discriminatory as keeping some benefit from someone who has earned it based on the same criteria. And the idea that penance can be served for some perceived discriminatory sin of the past by simply showing preference to someone who wasn't even the target of that discrimination, is twisted logic at best and deliberate minority pandering at worst.
     Superficial diversity is practiced by those on the left for two reasons. First, equality is a religious sacrament to the committed leftist. Reason, fairness and rational thought all take a back seat to making everyone equal, with equal outcomes, even if it means that those who achieve on their own are unfairly debited. The second reason that leftists practice superficial diversity has more to do with feeding their own egos than it does with some cosmic justice that can never be achieved. They can perceive themselves, and hopefully influence the perception that others have of them, as morally superior beings because they are champions of social justice. But the concept of social justice, whatever that means, disintegrates when your methods are based on superficial characteristics, such as skin color, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Worst than that, you actually engage in the very same discriminatory behavior that you say you abhor. But this is nothing new for the left, whose ideology is based on hypocrisy and convenient changes of principles to accommodate whichever political currents will help them impose their agenda on the rest of the country.

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  1. Trying to find logical thinking in the liberal mindset will leave you running in circles and chasing your tail.
    Liberals are often very self-loathing and self-destructive people at their core.

    Trying to find logic in their motives is a lost cause.

    My theory is that liberals all seem to suffer from that "middle child" complex where they will do or, say anything...good or, long as they can grab some attention for themselves.