Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Look Out For The Cave-In

     If you happen to be walking by the nation's capital and hear a rumbling sound, it isn't gastrointestinal noises emanating from bloviating politicians, it's the Speaker of the House John Boehner caving into the President on a fiscal cliff deal. While the President has been playing golf with Bill Clinton, running around the country campaigning (apparently the President doesn't know the election is over) and using the recent massacre in a Connecticut elementary school to undermine the second amendment, John Boehner has been once again negotiating with himself. And himself is getting the better of the Speaker by backing him into a corner where he has all but given up the farm to an absent competitor.
     John Boehner began this negotiating process by saying in no uncertain terms that he would not agree to raising tax rates on anyone. His plan was to increase revenue into the Treasury by closing some deductions and loopholes and entitlement reform as a way to decrease the Federal budget, a plan for which the President himself was advocating just a little over a year ago. The Speaker knows that raising tax rates on anyone in the debts of an anemic economy will drive us off another cliff, the recession cliff. Especially if those increased tax rates affected higher income earners, many of which are small businesses that employ two thirds of the nation's workers. These small businesses have already stopped hiring and may begin to layoff in an effort to minimize the effects of Obamacare, which becomes fully implemented in just over a year from now.
     Speaker Boehner has compromised his position on increasing tax rates on upper income earners, while at the same time the President has not given an inch on any cuts to an overly bloated Federal government. The Speaker thinks that Conservatives will be placated by the fact that he has gotten the President to raise the threshold of tax rate increases from 250 thousand to 400 thousand, but this is unacceptable, especially without any real spending cuts. The President has shown no signs of any willingness to make any serious cuts to a Federal budget that grows by leaps and bounds every year.
    So now we have come to a point where Conservative principles, which can save this country from the dire consequences of a President on a spending spree, have no champion in the Congress. Speaker Boehner is a nice guy, but you know what they say about nice guys and finishing last? And throughout his tenure as Speaker of the House, John Boehner has finished last in every encounter he has had with this President. I expect nothing more from the current fiscal cliff negotiations than for the Speaker to cave once again and for the President to get his tax increases without any real spending cuts. And the only thing left for the citizens of this great nation to do is to avoid getting trapped in the massive cave-in of Speaker Boehner.

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