Saturday, December 1, 2012

Did The Government Really Build That?

     Big government Liberals, like President Obama, like to think that nothing would exist without a centralized government authority. This concept was the point of President Obama's, "You didn't build that" comment during this past Summer in the heat of the Presidential campaign. But his statement, and more importantly his ideology, misses the point that government would not exist without everything else. Giving the government credit, for instance, for the existence of the modern-day Internet is like giving credit for the development of the automobile to the caveman who invented the wheel.
     The recent Liberal argument that business couldn't exist without roads and other infrastructure built by government, labors under the assumption that businesses exist in a vacuum. After all, businesses and their employees pay taxes that fund infrastructure projects. In fact, since every taxpayer works for some kind of business, I would go so far as to say that government infrastructure projects could not exist without business. Business, on the other hand, would find a way to build infrastructure if government didn't. The Lincoln and Dixie highways were built by the private sector and many government projects are actually contracted out to private firms. So in many cases the government just acts as a middle-man in the construction of public works.
     The President likes to point out that the government created the Internet, and by so doing is responsible for all the Internet businesses that exist today. The Internet was developed by the military, the redheaded step-child of Liberal government. Two things are important to remember about the creation of the Internet. One, the government fought commercialization of the Internet for years and two, does anyone really think that the government was the only entity capable of creating the Internet? My contention is that had the government not fought commercialization for so many years, the Internet may have actually advanced much more rapidly.
     There are indeed some things that only the government can build. They include, but are not limited to, a 70,000 page tax code, over-regulation of the banking and energy industries, destruction of the black family, massive debt that will take generations to pay off if ever and of course the ever popular, if not thoroughly destructive, welfare state. 

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  1. Only the government is capable of so rapidly and completely dividing the people of the US by establishing class warfare. No private individual could have done the damage that Obama has done during his first term, simply by dividing the nation, pitting one group against another. Instead of uniting the nation, he has divided us into many small, angry groups, each claiming some special demand. It is a recipe for destruction.

    1. There's no more for me to say, you've said it brilliantly. Thanks for the comment.