Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sandy Hook And The Indecency Of The Left

     This past Friday's murder spree by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut illuminated the debts of depravity, not only in the soul of the killer, but in the almost gleeful opportunistic way that Liberals used it to push their anti-gun agenda. The tears of the families who lost loved ones to the barbaric act of an evil man hardly had a chance to clear their tear ducts and run down their cheeks before some on the left, including the President of the United States, were calling for more restrictions on second amendment rights. When the coward killer took his own life, a task he should have completed prior to entering Sandy Hook on Friday morning, he took with him the lives of 20 children and the innocence of many more who had to live through the terror.
     Adam Lanza's rounds were barely out of their chamber before leftist celebrities, leftist media clowns and even President Obama were blaming, not the evil in one man, but the tool he employed to carry out his evil act. It's ironic that on Friday in China, a man used a knife to slash over 20 children in a school there. In fact, murders are committed every day by people using items other than fire arms, some with just their bare hands. Those on the left pushing their anti-second amendment agenda don't like to talk about that, or the fact that there are many more crimes averted with the use of fire arms than there are committed every day in this country. And the fact that the murder rate per capita is at one of it's lowest points in the last 50 years while gun ownership is at its highest, doesn't support the Lefts assertion that murders are worse than ever because of our Constitutional right to bear arms. Additionally, more people die every year in traffic accidents as a result of the government's CAFE mileage standards than die by gunshot wounds, but you will never hear those on the left calling for more government control.
     People commit evil acts because their souls are bereft of morality, not because of the availability of guns. The weapons used by Adam Lanza implemented hundred year old semi-automatic technology, but the weapons used by the left to take advantage of his evil, i. e. deception, fear-mongering and indecency, have been around since the dawn of man. And these weapons are much more dangerous than any fire arm because they are used to steal liberty, and I for one would rather die a free man than live forever in tyranny.

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