Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Right To Work Is The Real Pro-Choice

     Yesterday, the Michigan house past legislation that joined their state with over 20 others which have right to work laws. Simply stated, right to work laws eliminate the state mandate that workers must join a union and pay dues as a requirement of being employed. It seems like a no-brainer for people who fought a revolution to extricate themselves from a government that limited their right to make choices they deemed to be best for themselves. But the neanderthal unions protested the passage of the new law, in some instances with their trademark violence, in an effort to take Michiganders back to the days of King George III.
     My first problem with the union reaction to the law is based on free-market ideals, i.e. if the unions provide a valuable service to their customers, why do they need to use the force of law to require membership. Are they afraid that workers have figured out the unions' money laundering scheme that has union dues, and in the case of public sector unions taxpayer dollars, being funneled into Democrat political campaigns? These campaigns elect politicians whose policies are at odds with many union member's values. Have the unions and Democrats forgotten that the Constitution that they seem intent on using as toilet paper, guarantees the right of free association? Maybe they don't understand that this means free people can not be compelled by the force of government to join organizations they don't freely choose to join.
       My second problem with the union reaction to the new Michigan law is the dishonest way in which they frame their opposition. Even President Obama stated in a recent speech that right to work is the right to work for less. However, a recent survey completed by the Pew Research Center shows that the average pay for workers in right to work states is higher than it is for workers in states that compel union membership. Additionally, union membership drops significantly after a state passes right to work laws similar to the one in Michigan. This is the real reason that the unions fear workers' choice, they know that many will choose to free themselves from the grip of unions that no longer represent what is best for the worker or the country.
     The right to work debate is illustrative of the shear hypocrisy of the left who claim to be pro-choice when it comes to killing babies, but not much else. Mandatory union membership by workers is just one in a long list of impositions that the left has tried to thrust upon an unwilling populace that is capable and desirous of making their own choices. And this is what scares the unions and the left most, that given the opportunity, free people will choose not to labor under their oppressive policies.

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