Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gun-Free Zones Are Common Sense Free Zones

     In the wake of recent mass shootings, there has been much talk about gun control and mental health issues. Some of the potential solutions have been constructive and some have been driven by ideological hysteria. It is a terrible thing when innocent life is taken senselessly, but we must remember that in most areas of our society violent crime, and especially gun violence, has been reduced in recent years. Except of course in gun-free zones.
     Gun-free zones were established by law in 1995, and since then there has been a spike in violent incidences in these areas. Those on the left are enamoured with gun-free zones because they are the quintessential leftist solution to a problem. A deviant behavior in individuals is somehow solved by passing a law or regulation which aims to criminalize the vehicle of the deviancy. From the moment the gun-free zone law was passed, I thought it was a feel good measure which only served to replace common sense with political rhetoric. The whole idea that government can simply eliminate the potential for violent acts to be committed by evil men by simply telling them they aren't allowed in certain places, is ridiculous. If the gun-free zone idea was effective at keeping bad guys from harming innocent people, then we ought to declare the entire country a gun-free zone and dismantle our military and law enforcement agencies. We would no longer need them because we would be protected by the magic of the gun-free zone.
     The reason that the Left chooses an irrational solution like gun-free zones to real solutions that involve stricter criminal penalties and more involuntary commitment of the mentally ill, is because of ideology. And ideology is the same reason they oppose protecting innocent life from bad guys with guns by placing good guys with guns between the innocent and the evil. Their real goal is not to protect innocent life, but to shred the second amendment by using their intellectual superiority to create what they think is a better society. At the core of that better society is less choice for individuals and more for an ever-expanding centralized government.
     The Lefts support for gun-free zones is completely consistent with their support for abortion. In both cases the lives of the innocent are not as valuable as their political agenda. It is an agenda which makes us all less safe by transferring responsibility from the guilty to the innocent for the greater good of leftism.

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