Monday, December 31, 2012

The New Dark Ages Of The Left

     There is ample evidence available to support the notion that leftism destroys everything it touches. One only needs to look at Europe to see the results of one of the sacraments of the Left, multi-culturalism. This holy of all holies to the Left has turned nations with vibrant cultures into simply geographical locales. Combined with another of the Lefts sacraments, equality, Europe has been transformed into an economic and social basket case.
     And now a new dark ages has been ushered in by the destructive policies which are advanced by an agenda driven by Leftism. Even the "Last best hope of man on earth", America, has fallen victim to a world religion like no other that has come before it. It is a religion whose greatest sins are hard work, self-reliance, independence and success and whose virtues consist of  sloth, victim hood, dependence and class envy. Leftism despoils a previously virtuous idea like equality by aiming to impose it without regard for fairness, morality or common sense. What could be more immoral than redistributing the fruits of one man's labor to another man who didn't earn it, all in the name of equality? The Lefts idea of equality insures that everyone is equally poor, equally miserable and equally without hope.
     The new dark ages of the Left is further defined by a complete lack of any value placed on life, whether it is in the womb or wandering the desperate streets of the crime-ridden inner cities of this nation. The Left worships barbaric ancient cultures like the Mayans because they share the same proclivity towards infanticide. Calling it a medical procedure that solves the problem of an unwanted pregnancy, makes it no less barbaric than the ritualistic infanticide practiced by the Mayans and other ancient cultures. And the constant decay and moral breakdown of the inner city as a result of Leftist policies aimed at getting Democrat politicians re-elected, is reminiscent of the social disorder that defined the original Dark Ages.
     The Lefts energy policy is also designed to limit economic growth and prosperity, thus contributing to the new dark ages. The advocacy by a big statist government of automobiles that have a limited range, combined with higher and higher fuel costs, is the way in which the Left limits the movement of free people. A prosperous and thriving economy needs fuel, which the Left limits through policies ostensibly for the sake of the environment that they have put themselves in charge of protecting. This is why the Left seeks to destroy energy production by using the environment to stop the miracle of Hydraulic Fracturing, which is used to secure more natural gas at a cheaper price and with less damage to the environment. The Left use to be in favor of natural gas when they were waging war against nuclear energy. Now that they have seriously crippled that industry through massive regulation and permitting processes that last as long as spent fuel rods, they have turned their sights on the natural gas industry.
     The new dark ages of the Left is borne of policies that seek to destroy the morality of Capitalism and replace it with the immorality of Socialism. The Lefts idea of a Utopian society is one in which there is less wealth, less freedom, less innovation, less health care and, in a word, less civilization. And this, my friends, is the coming dark ages brought to you by the practitioners of Leftism and the soulless ideology of Utopianism.

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