Monday, August 19, 2013

Barack Obama-Anatomy Of An Authoritarian

     Millions of words have been written about Barack Obama, our 44th President, many of them right here on this blog. Much analysis has been engaged in for the purpose of understanding how the man's mind works and what really motivates him. Dinesh D' Souza produced an entire full-length film documentary that delved into Barack Obama's abandonment by his father as a motivation for wanting to see his dream of an anti-colonialism retribution meted out against the evil Western forces that enslaved the rest of the world, especially the black parts of it. That was the theory anyway, and it seemed to have validity considering Mr. Obama's actions and the aggregate of information revealed through people who knew him best that Mr. D' Souza interviewed.
     The object of my post today is not so much to explain what makes Barack Obama tick, that is a moot point seeing as he does and we are stuck with him for a little over three more years, but how that ticking is manifest in using human weakness to empower himself and his master of big government. Most authoritarians throughout history have one thing in common, they use human frailties to subdue the masses and consolidate power to themselves. Human beings are inherently evil and must fight against their evil nature to produce advancements in the human condition towards morality and prosperity. If humans were inherently good, as those on the Left believe, then no laws or conscious moral code would be needed to guide societies.
     This frailty of the human condition manifests itself in two main ways of which authoritarians like President Obama take advantage. One is the inherent slothfulness which exist in all of mankind, and which authoritarians use to extract support by offering something for nothing. The allure of free stuff like food, housing and health care, among others, quickly transforms into a life of servitude by the people to the authoritarian and his massive bureaucracy that must exist in order to satisfy the desires of slothfulness. What Barack Obama is doing is nothing new, authoritarians throughout history have offered their people Nirvana which exists of free food, shelter, health care and protection from evil businesses that are stifled, subdued and drained of resources by the big government of the authoritarian.
      The second human frailty that authoritarians use to gain power over the masses is hatred. Men like Barack Obama usurp power from the people by convincing them that they have no power except that power which they wield with their massive government programs. People are taught they are victims, by authoritarians like Mr. Obama, of those who are more successful and therefore they are taught to hate those people. That hatred fuels the political ambitions of the authoritarian without ever improving the lives of those convinced to support him as a result of their hatred. In fact, the lives of the people living under the authoritarian rule only get worse the more power he gains over them. This use of hatred to focus peoples attention and energy on a group in society, usually the wealthy or those who offer a more self-reliant and more prosperous society that needs not depend on centralized government for its daily bread, is how authoritarians like Barack Obama create a massive and crushing state that they control.
     A great leader of a free society will inculcate in those he governs the desire to want less from their government, not more. An Authoritarian will convince those he governs that they can have all the benefits entitled to them without any of the responsibilities. Those will be shouldered by the authoritarian and his big statist government. As history has shown, these type of systems never work to the benefit of the people and always devolve into poverty and oppression. Sloth and hatred are the authoritarians best tools for achieving a society that is beholding to him and thereby immoral and by no means prosperous. We have seen that in this country, the more government dependence that is created, the less moral and prosperous our country becomes. And Barack Obama is the latest in a long line of authoritarians throughout history that break the human spirit, deplete the moral bank of civilized society and enslave the liberty of a prosperous and free nation.   

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